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    12 Best Alternatives Of Google Playstore 2018 | Play Store For Android | Play Store App

    Google Play is one of the most used stores on Android, either because it is installed on the device or downloads. Although not all devices on the market pass the certification to carry the Play Store as standard, not all applications are approved by Google. That is why we will let you know the best alternatives to  Google Play Store: Play Store For Android :Play Store App

    Google Play Store on Android is something very similar to what Windows means in the environment of personal computers. It comes standard on most terminals and everyone uses it as if it were the only way to get apps for our device. But, hey, there’s still life beyond Google! For that reason, in today’s post, we open borders and enter the 7 great alternatives to Google Play: Play Store For Android : Play Store App 


    The Best Alternatives To Google Play Store:

    1. Amazon AppStore:

    Google Playstore 2018 | Play Store For Android | Play Store App
    Google Playstore 2018 | Play Store For Android | Play Store App

    Amazon App: Obviously we will start with one of the best known in the world an alternative to Play store for Android, from the Amazon store where everything is sold, they also have an app that serves as a store, but in this case of applications and games, which can be installed on any mobile device.

    It is a recognized store, for the support of Amazon. Its applications and games do not depend on Google services, its main advantage is the daily promotions of payment applications to download for free.   The Amazon AppStore offers from applications to music, movies and books, all for Android devices.

    The Amazon app store is probably the great alternative Of google playstore in terms of apps and games repositories. It has a large catalog of apps and games, both free and paid, that we will not find in the Google store.

    One of the most interesting things is that every day offers a free payment app. It also has a selection of books and movies at a price usually lower than what we found on Google Play. Of course, to enjoy it is necessary to have an Amazon account.

    More information | Amazon Apps Store

    2. Uptodown:

    Google Playstore 2018 | Play Store For Android | Play Store App
    Google Playstore 2018 | Play Store For Android | Play Store App



    This is the second alternative to the Google Play store for android , now has a dedicated application for Android and offers the possibility that Apks downloads are updated automatically. The advantage of Uptodown is that it contains those applications that are not available in the Google Play Store. You can download applications like Instagram without the Play Store app.

    And we ended up with one of the most popular Android application stores in recent times. In this particular case, it is clear that we talk about Uptodown. We must say in such a sense that if we put in Google the classic search for “APK of X application”, you will see that it is one of the best always located. Beyond this, we have to point out in the same way, that we speak on this occasion of a platform that has a huge amount of applications, even also outside of Android apps.

    Download | Official website of Uptodown.

    3. Aptoid:

    Google Playstore 2018 | Play Store For Android | Play Store App
    Google Playstore 2018 | Play Store For Android | Play Store App

    Aptoide is another store of alternatives to Google Play Store apps for android, its popularity lies in the interaction of the application with users. It offers all the free applications and even some that are paid in google play can be downloaded for free. You will also find the best camera apps for your Android mobile.

    Another of the most sought-after alternatives to replace Google Play Store without problems. This has a catalog of repositories in apk files. Whose stores offer a wide variety of free and paid applications, compatible with this system. This is downloaded from the Google browser through any free download page. We recommend the one mentioned above, Uptodown.

    Download | Aptoid 

    4. APKMirror:

    Google Playstore 2018 | Play Store For Android | Play Store App
    Google Playstore 2018 | Play Store For Android | Play Store App


    APK Mirror is not a store to use, it is a repository created by Android Police guys in which its community of users publishes the APKs of the most recent versions of the most popular applications. It’s the fastest way we have to update our favorite applications.

    Mirror APK is my favorite alternative to download apps in APK format. Unlike other similar websites, it is totally free of malware and is a great source to download before anyone the beta versions of apps as popular as WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram.

    It is not an application store to use, but an online repository created by Android Police where users who use the page, will publish the APKs of the most recent versions of your favorite applications. In this web portal, we can easily and securely access the most popular Android applications, where the APK files are uploaded to be able to update or download an application at any time without relying on google play.

    Download | Mirror APK

    5. F-Droid:

    Google Playstore 2018 | Play Store For Android | Play Store App
    Google Playstore 2018 | Play Store For Android | Play Store App


    It has a lot of applications and games, all free in this case so it becomes one of the best alternatives to Google Play Store. It contains only open source apps. F-Droid is managed through donations, so you can always support the community if you liked their service.

    F-Droid is an app store that developers like a lot. All apps are free and Open Source, so if you see an app with functionality that you would like to use in the application you are developing, you just have to enter, take a look at the code and copy it.

    Download | F-Droid

    6. GetJar:

    It has one of the complete repositories of free applications to download. It has a series of filters for searching apps as well as categories and subcategories Google Play Store style. To install it, the only thing we have to do is visit the mobile web of the platform, something that we can also do in iOS, BlackBerry or Windows Phone (it is a compatible store with several platforms). If you think little, it has an awards system which offers free payment applications, in addition to their updates.

    More than anything is for those who have devices with Symbian but not only that, because it is very good for those who have older versions of Android. Again with a very good organization that makes finding applications easy enough.

    GetJar has a large repository of free apps for various platforms, including Android. The claim of GetJar is to offer premium apps totally free, making those visits profitable with ads and sponsored apps (truth be told, they are not invasive at all and do not bother too much, so there is no major problem in that regard).

    7. SlideMe :

    The great advantage of this Android store is its voting and testing system since all the applications that are published are previously tested to avoid spam and fraudulent apps. It is available in many languages and can be installed from the SlideMe website.

    Among other alternatives, we do not want to stop mentioning SlideMe. An application that works very well on any Android device. You can also enter the link ” slideme.me ” where you can find any application you want.

    SlideME is another repository of apps that have both free and paid applications. Users can evaluate the apps, and as a point to keep in mind, it must be said that each of the apps and games offered is tested and approved manually. The absence of secured malware!

    8. 1Mobile Market

    It was one of the first alternatives of app store that was born in front of google play, its interface is very nice and today it has advanced a lot, since it integrates certain functions that makes it stand out from the competition, as a negative point, this is its excessive advertising at every moment we are invited to download applications that sponsor, this application is so complete that in some Asian and European devices comes pre-installed.


    • It has a file manager
    • You can make backups of all the apks installed in the mobile.
    • Install and uninstall scheduled applications as desired by the user. (root)
    • Update the applications automatically.

    9. AppBrain and AppsFire

    There was a time, not so far, in which the Android Market did not allow to search for applications. Yes, oddly enough, the most used search engine company in the world thought that an application store could work without there being any way to search for apps on it. Great, huh?

    For this reason, AppBrain was born, which is also an great alternative to play store for android a service that classified Android Market content and allowed applications to be searched. But it was not an app store, since in the end what it did was tell you the link to Android Market. Now AppBrain has lost all utility, has not been able to adapt to the times, and has remained as a simple web of apps recommendations.

    AppsFire offers a service similar to AppBrain, with recommendations for apps. The good thing is that it has an application that you can install and facilitate searches. The downside is that it’s available for download only on Google Play for android.

    10.Mobogenie Market

    The Mobogenie apps store has a lot of things: in addition to the typical apps that we can see on Google Play, it also has a recommendation engine to suggest apps based on our tastes that we should try.

    It is an alternative store to the Play Store for android | app store for android designed exclusively for Android and that is updated quite often, even more than the others on this list. It has a remarkable variety of applications and games, some will obviously be available for free, although others will have to pay to acquire them, it also has a very interesting function that is to make a backup, something that becomes incredibly useful and best of all is that they take care of the subject of the categories so it is pretty well defined in general.

    It has an intelligent recommendation engine that analyzes your preferences and makes sensible suggestions. It also works as a file manager and allows you to download other content beyond applications, such as wallpapers, ringtones, books and YouTube videos.

    It includes a file management tool and also offers ringtones, wallpapers, and videos to download. All this without forgetting the client for PC with which it is tried to facilitate the transfer of files and the installation of apps from the desktops.

    Download Mobogenie app

    Blackmart Alpha is for those of you who are aware of privacy. With Blackmart Alpha you do not need to have a Google account or register to download the applications you need. They only offer free applications. They also claim that they offer the latest publicly available versions of the applications. Web Link:  Blackmart Alpha

    Another distinctive feature of Blackmart Alpha is that you can download the application to your phone/tablet even if the device is not on the list of compatible models. This is a big difference for the owners of all the less popular models and devices that are not officially compatible with an application developer but that run the application without any problem. This is also a great alternative to google playstore for android | app store for android.

    12. Yandex.Store

    Yandex. The store app store for android  is the Android application store of the search engine of Russian origin and is presented with an extensive catalog. The store offers more than 50,000 applications among which are the most popular and used in the mobile platform as well as other less known but no less interesting.

    Yandex offers free android apps mostly, it is constantly updated and also has an interface that allows you to search in a simple and fast way. The downloads are safe as they are protected by Kaspersky tools, there are two payment options for those applications that are not on the list of free and is one of the most important stores in the segment.

    Google Play is the official store and has the most important repository, however Yandex.The store is positioned as one of the most attractive alternatives worth knowing. In the tests we do, we find a very comfortable site, a large amount of content and a general quality experience (to download the app, enter the cell phone to m.store.yandex.com)

    Link Yandex.Store  (official)

    As you can see the variety of stores is quite broad, these are also the most important that exists, although there are many Android stores available. The issue is whether they are trusted or not, after all, we are quite exposed to malware when talking about any operating system so before installing something on your device, always read recommendations as in this case.

    I am a college student, I am very much passionate about technology, gadgets and much more. I always wanted to open my own blog on tech and so I opened AndroCentral, my hobbies are listening to music and playing games.



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