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    Google Pixel 2: Tips and Tricks Which Everyone Should know

    Google has been the operating system, Android provider to smartphone companies for a long time now. But since the launch of their first phone, Google has set the smartphone market on fire. First with Google Nexus and then Pixel series, which just made Android fans go gaga over the smart devices especially Google Pixel 2.

    So here we are with some tips and tricks you didn’t know about this Google’s flagship, Google Pixel 2:

    Floating navigation while doing something else on the device

    You might be stuck into Google Maps when navigating in your car and couldn’t scroll Facebook or Instagram feeds sometimes just because of Navigation window. Just open Google Maps and navigate. Now, just hit the home button and Maps will shrink into a floating live window.

    Unlocking and locking System UI Tuner

    Unlocking Pixel 2 UI tuner is a really cool feature that is hidden under the table but offers a variety of options you can’t get otherwise to play with. Just swipe down the “Quick Settings”.

    Double tap to wake Google Pixel 2

    A smooth and great feature. Whenever you are in office or work, you don’t need to pick up your phone to check notifications and stuff. Just double tap your sleeping device and there you go! Your device wakes up. Now you can check notifications really fast and smoothly by just double tapping on your device.

    Recognize the song that is playing

    Google Pixel 2 came with a vibrant feature to recognize the playing song in the background. And it will show you the name of the song on your lock screen. No more “What song is this?” problem!

    You just can do some simple steps and your phone will tell you the playing song automatically. Head to the Settings and go to Sounds leading to Advanced. Go to Advanced and turn on Now Playing feature.

    Lock the focus and exposure using the camera

    If you are into photography, then this might be the feature you would be looking for. A lot of photographers use this feature i.e locking the focus to take a great photo in a frame. For this, just press and hold on the point you want to lock and you’ll be told the AE/FE is locked. You can also do the same with video, but you have to start the video before you can make that selection.

    Credits: AndroidAuthority

    Enable or disable Find My Device

    Head into Settings which will lead you to Security & location. There you’ll see Find My Device. After all this, you can control the options to find your device, as well as control remote locking.

    Credits: AndroidAuthority



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