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    5 hidden Google Chrome Tricks Secrets

    Google chrome is one of the best web browser application. It comes with the whole bunch of new features which is quite overwhelming when you use it. We all know Google as a popular search engine but did you know about Google Chrome. Let me tell you that Google Chrome was invented by our own Sundar Pichai and this contribution of Pichai lead him to become the CEO of Google. In this blog, we are going to talk about some of the various hidden features of google chrome tricks secrets which can make your life easier.

    There is some feature of Google Chrome which comes with some advance feature for Windows, iOS as well as for mobile application. However, Google Chrome is generally favored over other application such as Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer. There are some hidden features of Google chrome which half of the person in the world don’t know. It has some of the best features which will make the user interface quite smooth and productive to use.

    Hidden Google Chrome Tricks and Tips

    google chrome tricks secrets
    google chrome tricks secrets

    1-Bookmark all Tabs | Chrome Tricks Secrets 

    You can easily bookmark all the tab. Bookmark all the tab means that you can archive the tab for future use. If you like a website and you don’t want to enter the URL all the time then you can simply bookmark the tab which will give you access to use it with a single click.

    Shortcut key: CTRL+ Shift+D

    2- Use incognito mode

    You can use incognito mode if you want to hide your privacy from the search engine. However, this will not hide your search inquiry from the internet service provider. You can use this feature if you don’t want to lay out the track of your search inquiry.

    Shortcut key: Ctrl+Shift+N

    3-Pin Tabs

    You just need to pin the tabs if you want to access it very quickly. You just need to right click on the tab and from the dropdown list select Pin tabs.

    4- Re-Open the tabs which you might have Accidentally Closed

    Sometimes you might end up closing the wrong tab and not the one which you wanted hence you can easily undo it pressing the below shortcut key.

    Shortcut key: Control+Shift+T

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    5-See Saved Passwords in Google Chrome

    This feature of Google Chrome is quite overwhelming to use. In this feature, you can see your saved password from “chrome://settings/passwords”. You can get the list of all saved password from there.

    These features of google chrome are quite overwhelming to use. I hope this article helps you to get rid of some problems in Google Chrome which you might be experiencing. Don’t’ forget to share your view regarding this article. Keep following our social media pages to know more about technical stuff which can help you in one way or the other.



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