8 Best Google Chrome Extensions For Developers

Google Chrome Extensions

Google Chrome Extensions has various pretty advanced Dev toss by itself. Moreover, we can improve our developing experience by adding some of the more exciting features. So, here is the amazing eight chrome extension for developers:

ColorZilla is one of the most popular and oldest colour picker Google Chrome Extensions launched over eight years ago, and it has also successfully maintained its mantle as the best colour picker and an eyedropper Chrome extension for developers even today. ColorZilla will enable you to get a colour reading from any pixel on the browser to flay and paste it in any other program in the GRB HEX formats. Just like the ColorZilla also enables you to generate gradient colours and extract colour palettes from any website. The extension also maintains a colour history index of recently colour picks.

Check My Links is arguably the most useful and robust broken link checker Google Chrome Extensions on Chrome for developers in Chrome library. Check My Links crawls via the entire web page and validate each individual link and reports whether it is valid or not.

Check My Links empowers you to copy every broken link to your clipboard, in just a single tap. Identifying and correcting Broken Links is critical for any web application for an effective on-page SEO and avoiding penalties from Google site crawlers.

A lot of developers use GitHub account, and this Google Chrome Extensions is really useful for them. Using this extension offers you the advantage to check all the available options if you search something in the GitHub search box. This extension even autocompletes the GitHub search box and gives you multiple suggestions that are helpful in finding a lot of repositories as per your search results. You can also find active users in the option.

This is also an app that is not used in the development process, but if you are a developer, then sometimes you may have to add the snapshot of your code in your project or for correspondence purposes. This app allows you to do this, and it takes the code you want and turns it into an image. It creates a beautiful code snapshot. You can also find the option to change effects, themes or languages. So, if you want to create a beautiful code snaps for your project or website, and then add this in your browser.

JSON Viewer formats and prints JSONP and JSON in the browser in a more appealing format. It enhances the efficiency by allowing syntax highlighting, clickable URL’s, customizable themes, collapse nodes, the option to show line numbers and more.

Wappalyzer helps you to identify which technologies are used on any website or application. All you have to do is to navigate to a specific page, and Wappalyzer will work behind the scenes to uncover all the tools that were used to create it including the ecommerce platforms, server frameworks, analytical tools content management system and more.

Dimensions is an excellent tool for measuring distances between elements on a page. It works by calculating the space from your pointer or selection either left/right until it hits a border.

This extension is great for regression testing or making sure that implemented mark-up matches the design specifications.

If you are a self-taught developer, then you love this extension. This extension serves free online programming courses across the globe to your new tab daily. You can also get the notification about the new online course.

It offers a list of free courses on big data, machine learning, database, chatbot, mobile development, web development, blockchain and more.

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