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    Google asks for your opinion about Wear OS amid Pixel Watch rumors


    Wear OS users are receiving surveys on their smartphones to gauge just how much users like Wear OS. The survey was spotted by Reddit users, although it has been received by some here at Android Central. The survey appears as a notification on the best Android phones, navigating users to complete it within the Wear OS app.

    Wear Os SurveyWear Os SurveySource: Derrek Lee / Android Central

    The survey asks users questions about how satisfied they are with Wear OS. There are even sections of the survey where users can comment on what they like and dislike about the platform. Once completed, a link to an additional survey appears, asking more in-depth questions about potentially improving Wear OS. Curiously, one of the questions on the survey asks, “What is the last day of December?”

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    The second survey focuses on smartwatch habits like figuring out how Wear OS owners use their watches and which features users find most important. Users are asked to input the types of fitness activities they engage in and how often and are also asked about the types of smart home devices they use in their homes.

    This isn’t the first time this year that Google has pushed out a survey about Wear OS. Users reported receiving a survey at the top of the year, although there were some problems with the text on phones using dark mode.

    The survey arrives roughly a week before Google I/O 2021, where Google is expected to host a workshop about developing Tiles, which were recently opened up to third-party developers. We may also get more information about Google’s upcoming plans for the platform.

    Rumors for a Pixel Watch were recently reinvigorated after Google purchased Fitbit and particularly after alleged renders were unveiled. The watch isn’t likely to launch at Google I/O, but it could debut alongside the rumored Google Pixel 6.

    Not much is known about the rumored device, but given Google’s interest in user’s fitness habits, the watch could be more of a fitness-focused device. And given the first-party hardware and software, it could end up being one of the best Wear OS watches to launch this year, although we’ll have to see what the rumored Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 will bring.

    The initial Wear OS survey appears on some user smartphones, but the second is an online form available here. Keep in mind, Google requires your email address and asks some personal questions such as age, gender, and work status.

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