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    Some of the Hacks by Google to help finding your lost Android smartphone

    The tech giant Google is known for the revolutionary products it offers. Over the years, the company has come up with a lot of tools and introduced technologies that have made a huge difference in the IT sector. The company has a wide range of products to offer which has improved the security feature of Google Android Hacks along with providing a seamless user experience.

    The above mentioned Find My Device feature is enabled by default on all the Android Devices working on Android KitKat and above. The only prerequisite for the same is: a device must have a working internet and Google sign-in with location enabled the feature to work. Recently, the tech giant added few extra features in the list for both the app and website on the basis of the feedback taken from the users.The company found that Find My Device feature is quite useful for the Android users and all the updates are aimed at providing the better user experience.

    The list of added features include:

    Display last known location

    Whenever someone lost their phone and is not connected to the internet, then they cannot find the current location. In that case, they can opt for Find My Device feature. This app will display the last known location from the Google Maps location history and will provide the users with the ability to access Maps’ location timeline which will help them to trace their device easily.

    Android Hacks

    Display battery level

    The Find My Device feature will also notify the users about the amount of remaining battery left in the device. This will permit the users to make a rough calculation about the time left with the users to reach their lost smartphone.

    Improved usability

    This app enables the user with multiple devices to select the one particular thing they were looking for and allows the user to perform common actions like ring, lock and erase. This feature makes it easier for a user to perform tasks in a simpler way on multiple linked devices.

    Google Android

    Android Wear and Google Home also support Find My Device

    At any point in time, the users can find their lost watch using their phone and vice-versa. The only thing required is the option of location-enabled feature active on both the devices. The users can directly ask their Google Home assistant to find their device by speaking, ” Hey Google, where is my Phone?”



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