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    How to get Gmail Midnight – Dark mode for Gmail App

    Google has launched a new theme that is a Midnight which brings a stunning night mode to the Gmail app. All you need to do is to download this Cydia tweak for your iOS device whether it will be iPhone, iPad, and iPod.

    How Gmail Midnight works

    Giant Video Sharing platform YouTube now has a dark mode embedded, the Gmail app still working on the age-old “white” user interface. This is where this new tweak comes in.

    Gmail Midnight Cydia tweak adds a slick-looking dark mode to the Gmail app for the operating system iOS. It is developed by a tweak developer, Foxfort Mobile which is famous and popular worldwide.

    Here’s how this tweak looks like in action.

    The main User Interface will go completely black except while still keeping the email content and other data sufficiently illuminated that you can see easily.

    Gmail dark mode theme

    Source: YaluJailBreak

    The compose too look like this.

    Source: YaluJailBreak

    This tweak has a powerful and simple preferences section.

    Source: YaluJailBreak

    You just need to follow some of the below settings on your device –

    • Enabled (on) – This feature enables the night mode theme for the Gmail app.
    • Enable dark keyboard (on) – This feature simply enables the night mode theme for the keyboard. You just need to keep it enabled if you want to experience a true dark mode.

    How to get dark mode theme on Gmail App    

    • Open Cydia app.
    • On the top left you will find the Sources tab, simply click Edit.
    • Use the Add option to add “” to the sources list.
    • And then go to the Search tab and search for “Gmail Midnight” theme.
    • And then finally Install the tweak.

    Have you ever used this tweak?

    It is a very simple and interesting tweak. For those who don’t know, Gmail Midnight is not the first tweak to introduce a night mode to the Gmail application there are many others as well.

    Some of the famous tweaks such as Eclipse X will bring a system-wide dark mode that includes all apps, including Gmail.



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