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    [Giveaway + Sweepstakes] VideoProc | The Best Video Toolbox to Process, Cut and Deshake 4K Videos

    If you own a GoPro or any other camera then you might find it difficult to process the video from it. But we here at tech fire have come up with a special tool which will help you to process the video quite easily.

    In this post, we will be talking about VideoProc which is a full-featured 4k video processor having some overwhelming feature. We will give you the tutorial on how to use this software like a pro.

    1- Getting started

    First and foremost you need to download this software. Click on the below link to download it. Its a 47 MB software, will hardly take 5 min to download depending on your internet speed.

    Download GoPro for Windows

    Download GoPro for Mac

    After the download part is complete, you will see the below image on your screen.

    Easy video editor

    Click on the install button to start the installation process. After the installation is complete you will see four option which has been shown below.

    Easy video editor

    1.1 Video

    The first option which you will see is of the video processor. If you own a GoPro then you can select this option to convert the video in the desired format. Click on the video part to start the process of processing the video.

    After you click on the video you will see the above image. Load on the video here from the GoPro or any other device. After you upload the video the second thing you need to do is to select the desired format. Now click on Run to start the conversion. It will not take much time to convert if your video size is not big.

    1.2 DVD

    The second video is of DVD conversion. If you own a DVD and want to convert in any format then you can select this option. You can click on the DVD option to start the process.

    4k video processing software

    You can click on the Symbol of DVD to load the DVD. Select the target format in which you want to convert the video. Afterward, click on run to start the conversation.

    1.3 Downloader

    This feature is one of the most overwhelming features of this tool. This feature will download the video of which you have input the URL. From this option, you can download the video from youtube and for that to happen you need to put the URL of that video.

    Its very simple, you just need to put the URL and click on Download Now option to download the video.

    1.4 Recorder

    If you want to record anything from your computer then you can directly choose this option to record the screen on which you are working. This option is mainly used by Youtuber to record their screen and upload it later.

    Click on the red button to start the recording and press the same to stop it.

    Core features of VideoProc

    There are the whole bunch of core features which are available in this tool. We will discuss about every features which are present in this tool.

    1- Edit, cut or Trim video

    You can easily cut or trim video from this tool. This feature helps you to shorten the video at the same time the video file size also decreases.

    process & edit video








    There is the various feature which you can use to edit the video with the help of various effects.

    2- Subtitle

    If you are playing any movie and don’t have a subtitle for the same, you can easily use this tool to insert the subtitle in the movie. With the help of this feature, you can easily watch a movie with subtitle in sync.

    3- Stabilize video

    In case your video is too shaky then with the help of this tool you can easily use this tool to stabilize the video and later upload it on the desired platform. It may happen that while making a video from GoPro you are travelling and hence the video might be shaky.

    Please watch the video to know how to cut or trim a video.

    Flash giveaway:-

    You can get a free licensed copy of VideoProc with the help of below link.

    Participate in GoPro Sweepstakes Campaign ($1296 valued) and Free Get VideoProc Full License($78.90 valued):
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