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    How to Download The Latest Movies on iPad or iPhone

    The good thing about mobile devices is precisely that, their ability to transport and take them anywhere. Now, during vacation, there are many who want to take films or documentaries on the iPad. You may be waiting for hours by plane or train, or simply your children want to be entertained in the car.

    It is possible to do it and in a very simple way. For this, you must have that film or documentary on a computer. Once done, do the following :

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    • Download the VLC program on your iPad. Is free. There are many players, but this one is very simple.
    • Connect the iPad to your computer by cable and turn on iTunes. Wait for the device to recognize the device.
    • Click on the icon of your device and go to the “Applications” menu.
    • Scroll down to find “File Sharing” and select the application, in this case, VLC.
    • Press the “Add” button and choose on your computer the video you want to include, be it a movie, TV series, documentary, etcetera. Do not worry about what kind of file it is, VLC reads virtually all extensions. It’s that simple.

    Now you only have to disconnect the iPad and open VLC on this device. You already have it ready and you can envision it. Many people do not know this way to pass these files to their iPad or iPhone and on certain occasions, they have wasted it.

    With VLC it is possible, being a media player that is able to read any type of file that is put ahead. You can play all your movies, shows and series in most formats without having to convert them. It also allows synchronization with many services in the cloud such as Dropbox, GDrive, OneDrive, Box, iCloud Drive, iTunes, and direct downloads and through shared Wi-Fi.

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    VLC also offers advanced subtitle support including full SSA support, multitrack audio and playback speed control. Well if you liked this tutorial do not forget it and put it into practice as soon as possible, follow us on social networks and stay tuned to our new content. We will wait for you.

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