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    How To Get ITIL Certified

    Nowadays, the organisations are using various ITIL(Information Technology Infrastructure Library) practices, and these practices help in identifying the area that requires transformation and improvement.

    Further, it also identifies those areas in which any type of improvement can assist in obtaining a reducing cost and growth in productivity.

    But these days usually people revolve around two queries “What is the current version of the ITIL foundation exam?” and “What importance ITIL v3 holds?”

    ITIL Certification

    Timeline of ITIL

    In the ITIL v3, there are five levels that come under the ITIL qualification scheme. Among these level, ITIL foundation is the entry level for ITIL certification. During the foundation level, you will study the basic awareness of the concepts, elements, and terminology of the ITIL Service Lifecycle.

    “Before opting for the ITIL course, it is necessary to select the right version of your course.”

    Usually, people confuse in selecting the right version of ITIL for the certification. Currently, there are three major versions of ITIL:

    • ITIL: The British Government developed this version of ITIL in the 1990s.
    • ITIL v2: To implement the new features and to update the ITIL v1, the ITIL v2 came in the year 2001.
    • ITIL v3: Among all the version, ITIL v3 comes with “Lifecycle approach” that makes it more effective than the previous version.

    Later, ITIL v3 rolled out as ITIL v3 2011 with minor updates. ITIL v3 2011 is the update of the ITIL v3; it is not a new version. But new update comes with a feature to resolve errors and to manage the inconsistencies among the whole suit.


    About ITIL training

    • In the ITIL Training, ITIL Foundation level is the first level for understanding basic about ITIL. The foundation level provides the introduction of the Lifecycle approach and background related to the rest of the course.
    • The overall focus of this course is to provide the basic knowledge of the IT practices. Also, helps you to explore the various IT role which you can consider at the end of the entire course.
    • To pursue the course, there is no requirement of any training and work experience, anyone who is looking to get ITIL certification can apply for the exam.

    If you want to give the ITIL exam online, you can avail exam vouchers. The exam vouchers will be there with the ITIL exam preparation bundle.

    • If you want to apply for the other levels of ITIL, then it is necessary for you to pass the ITIL Foundation exam.

    Concepts that you need to understand for ITIL exam

    For the ITIL certification exam, the candidate must have knowledge of the following components:

    • You must have in-depth knowledge about the “Service Management as a Practice.”
    • During the ITIL course, it is necessary for you to understand the service lifecycle of ITIL. The deep understanding of this topic will help you out in the ITIL exam.
    • It is necessary for you to have in-depth knowledge about the various key principles and models related to the ITIL.
    • You can also have basic knowledge regarding generic concepts and definitions, technology and architecture, selected functions, selected roles, selected processes and competence.

    How to prepare for the ITIL v3 Foundation exam?

    • If you are applying for the ITIL v3 Foundation exam, it is essential for you to understand that the examination requires much knowledge of various ITIL concepts.

    You can opt to study materials of the ITIL examination. It will improve your understanding of ITIL(Information Technology Infrastructure Library) and helps in navigating your learning in the right way.

    • You can also choose ITIL online training institutes that provide training and examination packages. By availing this facility, you can attain good knowledge regarding the ITIL exam.

    By availing ITIL examination package, you will be eligible to attempt examination from home.

    The certification of ITIL helps an individual to provide an edge to the resume. Also, the certification can enhance the chances of better job prospects. Nowadays, most organisations have started to increase their business by using ITIL concepts.

    Thus, organisations are in great need of ITIL certified professionals. But in the future, it is not wrong that the demand for technology will keep on rising, and ITIL certificate.

    Md Kashif Ali
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