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    How to Get Insane Slow-Motion Effects with Any Smartphone

    So We Love Slow Motion Video, specially when we have 240 fps Slow motion Video. Slow motion can make almost any video fun to watch with a completely different experience. Try making a video of yourself talking and then slow it down, you will see how interesting it gets. Furthermore, there are many productive uses of it as well.

    • Step 1: Shoot Video at max Frame Speed

    Nowadays in all Smartphone, we get 120 fps of Slow Motion recording So if you want super slow-motion like 240 fps you have to shoot first at 120 fps, you can also shoot at 60 fps and 30 fps also.

    • Step 2: Edit the Video in FCPX or Premiere Pro

    So we will use a software called Final cut pro to Slow down our Video Clip. If you don’t have this Software you can use premiere pro. Both Software has same feature.

    One of our favorite video editing tools is Optical Flow in Final Cut Pro X and Premiere Pro. This feature, similar to the popular Twixtor plugin, allows users to slow down clips in a way that simulates footage shot at a high frame rate.

    Using Optical Flow in Final Cut Pro X

    Step 1: Select the Clip in the Timeline

    First, select your clip in the timeline. This will tell Final Cut Pro X which clip to apply the speed changes to.

    Step 2: Change the Speed

    To change the speed of your clip, click on the small icon that looks like a speed gauge at the top of your timeline. Once you click on the button, navigate to Slow and click your desired speed.

    Step 3: Apply Optical Flow

    By default, Final Cut Pro slows down your footage using a Normal frame-stretching process. This leads to jittery footage and isn’t ideal in a professional context. To slow down your footage using Optical Flow, navigate to the gauge icon and select Video Quality > Optical Flow.

    Optical Flow is not instantaneous. It will take a little time for Optical Flow to render. To see the progress of your render, look for the small % indicator below your program monitor.

    You can change the duration of your slow motion footage by clicking the icon in the top right corner of your footage. Using this tool, you can slow down your footage to whatever speed you want.

    • Step 3: Export the Video Clip

    Now we have Slow Down the Video and use an ultimate tool Optical Flow to Slow down the clip. you just have to Export the clip from this following option.

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    Md Kashif Ali
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