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    How To Get More Dropbox Free Space On Your Mac

    Dropbox is a favourite free cloud storage service for many people. The biggest advantage of the service is convenient to design and ease in use. You can simply drag files to your Dropbox folder and they would immediately appear in your account. Dropbox service offers a possibility of sharing the whole folders with other users, even those who don’t have Dropbox accounts.

    How to get more space on Dropbox? After signing in you receive 500 MB of instant Dropbox free space with the opportunity to get 32 GB of free storage. Referral program and Dropbox rewards change each time and for 2018 they are the following:

    –  For Dropbox basic accounts: 500 MB for each referral with 16 GB limit:

    – For Dropbox Plus and Professional accounts: 1 GB for each referral with 32 GB limit.


    Tool to increase your Dropbox storage

    How to get more free space on Dropbox? Disk Drill is the best data management software, packed with an extra tool “Duplicate finder”, which gives an option to increase Dropbox space. Disk Drill is a perfect tool for scanning and deleting cloned files for Mac. Disk Drill – get more free space on Dropbox and be amazed with immediate results. Disk Drill is iOS friendly and its upgraded version has some new impressive features and ways to recover your Mac’s data. You can create a bootable USB drive for recovery.


    duplicate finder

    How does “Duplicate finder” work?

    Do you need to free up disk space on your Mac? Free up disk space on Mac with free tool – “Duplicate finder”! To use the tool you should firstly download Disk Drill from your app menu and then open menu “Find duplicates”. By selecting “add folder” you can choose the storage, folders and drives you will scan and analyze for duplicates. To save your time you can add several locations to compare the content of multiple folders. By clicking the scan button from the top right corner of the app, you start the process of scanning and free duplicate finder immediately shows duplicated files.

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    disk space on mac

    Each file you will see on display now has a duplicate version. You will be able to view the duplicated files locations and date of creation by clicking drop down arrow at the beginning of any given item. Now you can remove those copies you don’t need no more on your iOS device. “Duplicate finder” contains three filters to save your time and to delete cloned files automatically: “auto”, “newest”, “oldest”. If you choose “auto” filter, app decides itself which copies to delete. “Newest” one filter removes cloned files created formerly. “Oldest” filter leaves fresh files and deletes earliest duplicated files. Before clicking remove button it is better to look through and check the duplicates chosen for removal with any of filters.

    There is many common software, but the advantage of Disk Drill is in features that it offers and for today it’s the only one with iOS backup software, which can easily recover data and free up disk space on Mac.


    Md Kashif Ali
    Md Kashif Ali
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