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    Get a jumpstart on your day with these 3 great Apple Watch apps

    Have you recently bought a brand new Apple watch? Are you looking for some exciting application to be installed on your Watch? If your answer is yes to both the question or either the one then you are on the right page.

    In this blog, we will be talking about these 3 great Apple watch apps which will make your life quite easier. These all application are quite fascinating with the great user interface.

    Apple watch Screenshot
    Apple watch application

    Top 3 Apple watch application

    For humor with your forecast, check out CARROT Weather.

    Seeing the forecast of weather is not quite unique but showing it in a very unique manner is quite good. With the help of these applications, you can easily watch weather forecast in a quite funny manner with the help of some comments.

    Apple Application
    Apple watch

    Above is some screenshot with the help of which you can figure it out how carrot application works. If this application is good enough for you then you can easily install it from the Apple iOS store.

    For getting stuff done, there’s TickTick

    Apple watch screenshot
    Apple watch

    TickTick is one of the best application which can manage your things so that you can do it in the time being. You can easily manage your day to day activity right here on this application.

    You can view what’s due for the current day, the next day, and every day after that, right on your wrist. You can easily do the task as it will keep you reminding.

    For the news your way, see Flipboard.

    Apple watch

    Flipboard is one of the best application if you want to read the news on a daily basis. It will keep updating you with the whole bunch of news happening around you. You’ll see what’s new in the news that you care about from the sources you trust. Swipe through the headlines and check out news briefs for the stories right on your Apple Watch.

    Flipboard is available for free on the App Store for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch with no in-app purchases.

    Alternatively, you can also see this article for the best Apple watch application to work with Siri. I hope you like these 3 applications as it will help you to the task quite easily and in the best manner.






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