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    Fresh Resources for Web Designers and Developers 

    As nowadays, building of different products is increasing day by day, so now here we have combined the list of some of the fresh resources and tools which can be used for web designers and developers.


    It’s a JavaScript library for creating sliding drawer. Furthermore, the sliding drawer is mainly used to display the site menu navigation on the website, but you can use this library to display anything which is more suitable for your site. Pushbar.js is fully customizable and dependency free, which even works when no jQuery is written.

    Resources for Web Designers

    Carbon Now CLI

    Carbon CLI is a package which consist of Node.js to generate a code screenshot beautifully through a command line interface. This tool which is totally inspired by carbon.now.sh where you can do the same through a nice Graphical User Interface on the browser.


    A JavaScript library to create a dummy data. It supports generating a bulk of data like names, postal address, company name, phone number, date, and many more. All this data can be very useful to test your web application.


    TermToSVG is a Linux terminal recorder that renders your command line sessions into an SVG animation. It is a useful tool for developers for writing a tutorial.

    Database Backup Manager

    It is a basically a library which is built on PHP, and as the name implies, it provides a set of functionalities to handle database back up and restoration. The library supports various services to send to or pull the backup from, including Dropbox, Amazon S3, FTP and SFTP, and Rackloud Cloud.

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