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    Free PDF Apps For Smartphones & Tablets

    PDF is an easily accessible file and one of the most common and used documentation as of now. You can read anything from text-heavy manuals to documents with bulky images with the help of a PDF.

    Adobe Acrobat Reader

    Adobe Acrobat Reader is a multi-functional app, which can be used to do multiple things like: view, annotate, and print PDFs. This mobile app allows you take pictures with the help of a camera on your phone and save them directly in a PDF format as well.

    Libera Reader

    Librera is a full-fledged e-book reader that supports wide range of digital book formats apart from that which can even be password-protected. It supports mostly all the formats which include the EPUB, DjVu, RTF, HTML, and XPS.

    Google Play books

    Google Play Books is the Google’s version of Amazon Kindle, which is a service for subscribing to and reading books. It lets user to read and access their files which are either in the format of PDF and EPUB. In this app, there are many options which are available for the user, like to change the font, personalize the display, and enable night-reading mode to experience a remarkable reading time on mobile. Apart from that with its superb features, it also supports VoiceOver feature in its application which is available on the iOS.


    WPS Office is an all-in-one office app suite which includes multiple options like a PDF Reader, Editor, and Converter. This app allows creating PDFs using Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and text files, add bookmarks, and view annotations. This app also allows you to sync your files with the help of a Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, OneDrive, and Box, allowing you to view them on any device.

    PDF Viewer

    PDF Viewer, is an app which lets you read and manage PDF files at any point of time. You can quickly search for your files, edit them, and access them directly from this app.

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