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    6 Free Must-Have Photo Apps for iPhone

    We, all want our photos to be perfect, and we always use lots of filters for the same. So, here we have compiled the list of top 6 photo Apps for iOS:


    Enlight which is an all-in-one photo editor with easy-to-use tools that help make your photos look perfect and gorgeous. This is an application which has come up with the multiple correction features, dual filters various types of artistic and special effects, a photo mixer tool, and much more.


    Phonto is an application which lets you add text to your photos and videos. It has an option to add 400 fonts, which you can use in different types of colors and sizes. Moreover, you can change the text’s background add shapes, and do a lot more changes to the text before even being adding it.


    Retrica, which is a fantastic camera app that lets you click cool pictures without editing it, thanks to its various real-time filters. You can make a GIF or shoot a video using these filters as well. You can even make a collage with the help of application.

     YouCam Perfect

    YouCam Perfect is another all-in-one photo editor which has some of the exciting features which includes collage tool, frames, and stickers. Along with clicking beautiful pics and selfies, you can also edit your pics and can add additional effects, hide the blemishes, and do more edits with just a few taps.


    This is an app which is purchased by Google in the year 2012, Snapseed is an efficient photo-editing app that makes it simple to adjust your images with the help of basic gestures. With all of the tools available, but Snapseed focuses on making the editing process easy and even quick while also offering professional quality results beyond your stock Photos editor.


    There are some people who wants to get their selfie in a full body shot. This typically requires using a mirror, which can come out tacky as hell. To avoid taking pictures in your bathroom, you can use and try CamMe.



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