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    How To Free up Internal Storage Space on Android?

    Android is gaining popularity day by day and as it is gaining popularity, the issues are also rising on a daily basis among the people and the main problem is insufficient storage. This happens either because od OS, un-sufficient storage etc. So, here are the 4 ways by which you can make your storage clear:

    Uninstall apps

    When installing the apps, always keep in mind that the app itself, its data, and its cache all add up to the total space used by the app. Apps which you don’t use, try to delete it and the data as well. You can use the services of any of the smart Android Management tool to clear up useless apps data in one go and can also save it into your system as a backup.


    Move data to SD card

    Now you can easily use SD card on your Android phone, although now they are becoming less and less common on newer devices. If your phone or tablet does have a microSD card slot, you can gain more storage by using the storage car of more GB. Please always keep in mind that not all the apps can be moved to the external storage. There are some of the apps which can only be stored in the phone storage and they can’t be moved from there.

    Delete old email attachments and downloaded files

    While it’s great to be able to read documents attached to your email and see photos in your messaging app, often you don’t need to keep them long term. It’s easy to find and delete these old files.

    For Android, open your app tray and select the apps which you have Downloaded. To delete any of those file, touch and hold the file and then select the Delete option.

    storage space

    Shoot lower resolution videos

    Many new phones can capture videos in the resolution of 4K. But higher resolution video takes up a lot more storage space which is also more than HD or full HD videos. If you don’t need 4K videos, set your camera to capture images at a lower resolution in order to save storage space of your phone.



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