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    Forgot or Reset Passcode on iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR: iPhone is Disabled after Entered wrong

    iPhone is known for its security purposes. It comes with a handy amount of features which makes the security of an iPhone very intact.
    One of the solid features of iPhone is its passcode which is the first step to unlock your iPhone after you have restarted it.
    The passcode is generally of a 4 digit or 6 digit pin which helps you to unlock your device. At the end of the day if you haven’t input your passcode once your iPhone will be disabled.
    Sometimes when your screen is damaged you can’t enter your passcode. In this blog, we will be talking about how to sort out all the problem related to a passcode.

    Troubleshooting Steps for Bypass or Reset Passcode on iPhone XS max, iPhone XS or iPhone XR

    As you know that there is no hard and fast rule to bypass the passcode we will be talking about how to solve the passcode problem at the earliest.
    There is some prerequisite prior to proceeding further.
    • We have a tool that we can use for unlocking passcode from iPhone/iPad.
    • Remove 4 Digit or 6 Digit passcode, Touch ID or Face ID from iPhone.
    • We are using Touch ID on iPhone 6, iPhone 7 (Plus), iPhone 8 (Plus), iPhone SE, iPhone 5S and Face ID on iPhone X, iPhone XS max, iPhone Xs, iPhone XR.
    • Compatible with all iOS version to the latest.
    • Tool: 4ukey from Tenoshare, this will help you to fix the issue after iPhone is disabled.

    Follow the below steps to find a better solution for restoring an iPhone. If you get annoyed by an iTune error then follow the below solution.

    • Download 4ukey from here and install on your windows PC Or Mac OS Mac.
    • Open Software on your Computer system, Connect your iPhone to this software using Lightning cable.
    • Your iPhone will detect in software, now download the latest iOS Firmware for the iPhone model and browse to restore on your iPhone.

    • After the Firmware file downloaded to your computer, Click on “Unlock Now” button. And the tool will start the process of restoring. The whole process will take several times.



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