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    How to fix iOS 12 Beta 11 Phantom update bug

    Everyone wants to keep their phone in the updated version. The irony behind this is that it comes with some glitches also. Recently a bug in the beta 11 of iOS 12 is doing some trouble for the user.

    The beta 11 of iOS 12 is having a bug which keeps on sending the update notification when your phone is already in the updated version.


    This bug of iOS 12 keeps on sending regular notification reading “A new iOS version is now available. Please update from the iOS 12 beta” and because there is no update available you will keep on receiving the notification.

    The reason behind this-

    A hitch in Springboard’s date calculation system is the main reason behind this bug. You can easily trigger the bug manually by dragging down from the top half of the screen in springboard.

    Why iOS 12 keep on showing this popup-

    There are many talks of different people of this bug on social media. For some, it’s showing when the lock screen is open while for some it’s showing when they are opening the control panel. Reason can be springboard only.

    During last Apple event, one official said that user is unknowingly trying to open Springboard app hence triggering this issue.

    The possible solution to fix the bug in iOS 12

    1- Upgrade to Beta 12 

    Upgrading your device from Beta 11 to Beta 12 can do wonders. Apple has recently come up with this update which helps you to get rid of this problem.

    2- Change the date and time-

    This function seems to perform date/time calculations, to see if the current version is about to expire. Hence you can set the date and time by going back(Figuratively). Follow the below steps to do so.

    • Open SettingsGeneral > Date & Time.
    • Turn off the set automatically function.
    • Enter the date manually

    I hope the above solution will let you help to solve this bug at the earliest. If you have any other solution to remove this bug then you can simply comment it down.





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