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    Fix Bootloop, hangs or freezes on Electra Jailbreak | How to fix on Electra jailbreak iPhone

    fix Bootloop on Electra jailbreak |

    We have Seen on some users that, they are getting bootloop on Electra jailbreak iPhone. They are getting this hangs on Electra Jailbreak iPhone when they open camera from the lock screen and the phone gets restarted and it stuck and start freezes on Electra Jailbreak. Here we are going to show you Fix Bootloop, hangs, or freezes on Electra Jailbreak.

    How to fix Bootloop on Electra jailbreak

    Here are a few known causes of bootloop on Electra jailbreak.

    • Installing an incompatible or buggy Cydia tweak.
    • Uninstalling a tweak like SCOthman for Snapchat or LockGlyphX along with its dependencies.
    • Accidentally removing core files of the iOS operating system through Filza.

    FIX METHOD 1: Bootloop on Electra jailbreak

    This method will work for all devices provided you set your nonce beforehand.

     fix bootloop on electra jailbreak
    fix bootloop on electra jailbreak

    If you have SHSH Blobs saved up for iOS 11.1.2 firmware, re-restore or upgrade to iOS 11.1.2 again from the same or older versions.

    FIX METHOD 2: Bootloop on Electra jailbreak

    • Put your device in recovery mode.
    • Use Reiboot or Recboot software to kick it out of recovery mode.

    FIX METHOD 3: Bootloop on Electra jailbreak

    If your Internet works on your iPhone,  you can try to connect with “Find My iPhone”. When Find my iPhone option will detect your iPhone, you can wipe it remotely.



    Hangs can also be caused by incompatible tweaks or tweaks that modify the status bar. While this doesn’t mean this will completely fix this problem, it’s still worth giving a try.

    Launch Cydia and go to the “Installed” section.

    Step 1 Remove all Cydia tweaks that modify the status bar.

    bootloop on electra
    bootloop on electra

    Step 2 SSH into your device using iTerminal or Putty.

    bootloop on Electra jailbreak
    bootloop on Electra jailbreak

    Step 3 Run the “uicache” command in terminal.

    Step 4 Reboot and re-jailbreak.

    METHOD 2

    Since this problem only affects devices that are in jailbreak mode, you can un-jailbreak it safely. Simply reboot your device and don’t run the app again.

    While this is not a proper fix, I suggest staying away from jailbreak until an update drops.

    METHOD 3

    Surprisingly, users only reported this issue on beta 11-3, which suggests all lower beta versions were working perfectly fine.

    If you want to keep your tweaks, I recommend downgrading to beta 10 version.

    METHOD 4 

    Some users have also reported that disabling biometric protection fixes this issue. So you can try disabling Touch ID or Face ID from the Settings.

    Md Kashif Ali
    Md Kashif Ali
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