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    How-To Fix Bluetooth Not Working in iOS 12

    iOS 12 has been merely designed to focus more on performance and reliability for the iPhone. Moreover as of now, Bluetooth problems can always show up after an upgrade due to device firmware compatibility issues of external accessories.

    Many of the iPhone users have found that their Bluetooth is not working after updating their iOS to the latest version of iOS 12. This is mainly going to impact the users that use third-party Bluetooth headsets or speakers with their iPhone.

    Common Bluetooth Issues After Updating to iOS 12

    Some of the symptoms which were reported are:

    • After just having the upgradation the iPhone to iOS 12, the iPhone is unable to discover the third party Bluetooth device
    • At the time of connecting to the Bluetooth device, it merely spins forever while attempting to connect and doesn’t resolve
    • Sometimes a crackling voice on the speaker or headset part of the Bluetooth device after updating iDevice to iOS 12

    Bluetooth not even Working properly after iOS 12 Update, How-To Fix 

    The best place to start troubleshooting Bluetooth problem is either with your iPhone or iPad. Before just going further, test if you can connect the Bluetooth accessory with the help of an iPad that’s on an older iOS version to see if it works properly or not, or if it still is having any issue.

    You can also test the same by just connecting a friend’s iPhone, running iOS 12, to the Bluetooth accessory to see if it works. This will give you some sort of ideas around whether the problem is with the Bluetooth accessory, or if it localized to your device which is running solely on the iOS 12.

    • Quick Reset– The very first thing to do is to start a successful installation of the iOS 12 update is to do a quick forced-restart of your device. On the older version of the iPhones, you will do this by pressing the Home and on/off button together for around 10 seconds or so till you see the apple logo appear. Release the buttons when you see the logo and let your iPhone startup automatically at that time.
    • Toggling Bluetooth mode– If you are having some more issues with discovering your Bluetooth device on your iPhone, it is just because sometimes a simple toggle can do wonders. Click on Settings > Bluetoothand turn off your Bluetooth. Next, Switch off your device and turn it back on followed which will automatically enabled the Bluetooth in the settings. Simply then check and see if your Bluetooth device now shows up under ‘MY DEVICES’ in the Bluetooth settings. Please make sure to toggle the Bluetooth with the help of a Settings app and not via the control center.

    Bluetooth Not Working in iOS 12

    • Reset Network Settings – Start by clicking on Settings > General > Reset and then choose ‘Reset Network Settings.’ Make sure that you may have to re-enter your Wi-fi name and credentials once for the process for the reset is done.
    • Pair and unpair the Bluetooth Device – If you can see your Bluetooth device on the list under the option in the ‘MY DEVICES’ in settings, but you are experiencing some of the connectivity issues, then you can also reset the Bluetooth device. Click on the ‘i’ which is given on the right-hand side of the row and choose ‘Forget This device.’ Switch off and restart your iPhone and then try connecting again to the Bluetooth device to see if it finally works for you.

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