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    First Look at What’s Coming to Netflix in August 2021


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    It’s time for yet another look ahead at what’s coming to Netflix. Below, we’ll be walking you through an early look at what’s heading to Netflix in the US throughout the month of August 2021. 

    Want to dive into the Netflix Originals a bit deeper? We’ve got a full preview for those separately. Most of the Netflix Originals will release on Netflix globally with a few exceptions.

    For those unfamiliar with how our previews work, here’s a quick intro. We typically learn of titles throughout the prior months and will keep this list updated, every few days usually. Towards the end of July 2021, we’ll get an expanded list from Netflix themselves. Then, throughout August 2021, there’ll be unannounced titles scheduled which we’ll also include here.

    Full List of What’s Coming to Netflix in August 2021

    August TBD

    • Hit & Run (Season 1) N – New action thriller series from the creators of Fauda.

    • Pray Away (2021) N – Documentary produced by Ryan Murphy.

    What’s Coming to Netflix on August 1st

    • 44 Cats (Season 3) – Animated kids series.
    • Darwin’s Game (Season 1) – Anime series about a mobile game that turns deadly.

    five feet apart new on netflix august 2021

    • Five Feet Apart (2019) – Romance starring Cole Sprouse and Haley Lu Richardson about a pair of teenagers with cystic fibrosis falling in love while having to remain a distance apart.
    • Hunter X Hunter (Season 6) – This was originally scheduled for July 1st, 2021 so may eventually slip again.
    • I missed you: Director’s Cut – Chinese romantic drama.
    • Poms (2019) – Zara Hayes writes and directs this comedy about a woman moving into a retirement home and starts up a cheerleading squad.
    • The Losers (2010) – Ensemble action movie from over a decade ago about a CIA special forces team betrayed and left for dead. Stars Zoe Saldana, Idris Elba, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Chris Evans.

    What’s Coming to Netflix on August 3rd

    • Ijé: The Journey (2010) – Nigerian crime courtroom drama.
    • Top Secrets UFO Projects: Declassified (Season 1) N – Conspiracy docuseries looking into the existence of UFOs.

    What’s Coming to Netflix on August 4th

    • ’76 (2016) – Inspired by true events, this drama tells the story of a wife having to deal with the after-effects of her husband being accused of a military coup.

    aftermath august 2021

    • Aftermath (2021)Horror thriller starring Ashley Greene and Shawn Ashmore.
    • Car Masters: Rust to Riches (Season 3) N – Motoring show about the crew from Gotham Garage turning hunks of junk to hot rods.
    • Chhota Bheem (Season 4) – Indian-produced animated series.
    • Control Z (Season 2) N – Mexican soap returns for a second season.

    What’s Coming to Netflix on August 5th

    • The Old Ways (2020) – Horror movie about a journalist traveling to her home to investigate a story. She then gets kidnapped into a strange cult that believes she’s the devil.

    What’s Coming to Netflix on August 9th

    • Shaman King (Season 1) N – Anime series based on the manga.

    What’s Coming to Netflix on August 10th

    • Gabby’s Dollhouse (Season 2) N – Dreamworks live-action/animated series.

    What’s Coming to Netflix on August 11th

    • The Kissing Booth 3 (2021) N – The final entry in the teen rom-com series that was filmed in secret and stars Joey King, Jacob Elordi and Joel Courtney.

    What’s Coming to Netflix on August 13th

    beckett netflix august 2021 1

    • Beckett (2021) N – John David Washington headlines this movie follows an American tourist finding himself knee-deep in a conspiracy while in Greece.
    • Gone for Good (Season 1) N – French thriller series based on a Harlan Coben novel.
    • Valeria (Season 2) N – Spanish dramedy series following a writer who is trying to find inspiration after hitting a dead end with her career and relationship.

    What’s Coming to Netflix on August 20th

    • Sweet Girl (2021) N – Jason Momoa led action thriller directed by Brian Andrew Mendoza. Will see a husband vowing to bring justice to the people that murdered his wife.
    • The Chair (Season 1) N – Dramedy series starring Jay Duplass and Sarah Oh. Comes from Game of Thrones creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss.

    • The Loud House Movie (2021) N – Nickelodeon produced animated movie based on The Loud House series which sees the family go on vacation to Scotland.

    What’s Coming to Netflix on August 25th

    • Post Mortem: No One Dies in Skarnes (Season 1) N – Norweigen supernatural drama.

    What’s Coming to Netflix on August 27th


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