First Ever Apple Watch Jailbreak Demoed At Live Conference

First Ever Apple Watch Jailbreak Demoed At Def Con 25

Have you ever heard of Apple watch Jailbreak? Ever since the release of the Apple Watch, jailbreak users have wanted for a jailbreak for the device. Having a jailbroken Apple Watch would build it attainable for users to put in customizations to their Apple Watch and later however it works, fixing things that bug them the foremost according to their choice.

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Apple-Watch-Jailbreak Demo

Apple watches has been there for more than 2 years but we have never seen a jailbreak for the apple watchOS. Now, the time has come to see a change, the change at Def Con 25, where Fried Apple Team’s Max Bazaliy demoed a watchOS 3 jailbreak running on his Apple Watch.

Apple-Watch-Jailbreak Demo

The demo is done by showing a connection between the SSH (Secure Shell) which when connected helps to jailbreak the Apple WatchOS and helps in modified system files on the device and creating tweaks for it. The WatchOS 3 is made for developers to run Radare and Frida on their device. It will help the developers to get access things like Health and fitness data, Photos, caches, calendars, contacts, microphone, Apple Pay and other sensitive data.

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Though this is a demo of Apple watchOS jailbreak, we don’t expect to get the full accessible jailbreak for the Cydia tweaks for the Apple Watch. However, we will get to customize the WatchOS as we used to manage on iPhones by installing third-party apps and installing more tweaks.

Apple-Watch-Jailbreak Demo

In the customization department, customization app users can install and configure hacks, and then push them to their Apple Watch. This seems far-fetched at the moment but so did a watchOS jailbreak a few months ago. Anything seems to be possible in the world of jailbreaking.

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So guys what do you think of this? Do let us know your thoughts in the comment box below.



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