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    Put the FaceID of the iPhone X on any Android Phone

    One of the novelties that have attracted the attention of Apple’s latest mobile has been the inclusion of FaceID, a facial recognition system that is the best on the market, replacing the fingerprint sensor, and today we show you how to put it in any Android mobile.

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    For many years we have seen that facial recognition is on Android, but it is a technology that has never grown and has been abandoned by developers. This technology was present in Smart Lock, the Android service to be able to unlock your mobile easier, but seeing that nobody used it, it did not evolve.

    Then came Samsung, who with his iris scanner and improved facial recognition, reactivated people’s interest in this. Little by little, we have seen that the vast majority of brands have got something similar, such as LG, OnePlus or Apple, although Apple was a totally different system with the same idea: it was based on several sensors, including depth, to Recognize all the points on your face and unlock it only if you were looking at the mobile.

    And can I have the facial recognition of the OnePlus 5t on my mobile?


    The answer is simple, yes. In our Android, we can have a recognition system like Apple’s FaceID or OnePlus 5T, and the truth is that it works really well. What OnePlus has done has been to use the Google API that it had to unlock the phone with the face, and improve it to the point that it is one of the best.

    Now we are going to teach you how to do it, but the basis of this system is very easy: use the Android facial recognition that worked so badly before, activates it, and improve it thanks to external applications. So if you have an Android with a version higher than 5.0, you can follow this tutorial:

    • Make sure you have your mobile phone rooted to follow this whole process. If you do not have it, we’ll teach you how to do it in an easy way
    • Activate in Settings, Security, Smart Lock, Android facial recognition. You will have to put a pin or unlock pattern for security reasons if you do not already have it
    • Download Xposed from here
    • Install this module called InstantFaceUnlock for Xposed. To install it, we will have to open Xposed, go to the downloads section, and there, to the modules section of the applications. If we have downloaded the module correctly, it will be there and we will only have to select it.
    • Now, it will be ready, and we can configure it from there so that we unlock the face faster and without the need to slide up on the home screen.
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