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Exciting Games for Android Phones

There’s no question that games are a great method of entertainment, one practiced by virtually everyone in modern society. They keep you engaged and can even make you smarter, according to studies. Some even have a social aspect to them if you choose to play them online, but if that is not your thing, there are many offline games to pick from as well.

Naturally, games have evolved throughout the years trying to keep pace with emerging technology. Therefore, today many categories of gamers exist, including those that are not looking to spend hours in front of a screen immersed in a fictional world but are more casual players. People that enjoy the occasional fighter of puzzle games. And, this group usually prefers to play on their phones.

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It’s convenient. There’s no heavy installation process, little worry about specifications, and most of the games are nicely optimized. But just because the games might be more rudimentary than what you find on consoles and computers, that doesn’t mean that they are any less exciting. Here are a few that you might find to be thrilling, and available for your Android phone.


Online Roulette

As one of the classic staples within casinos, roulette is a game that a lot of people find exhilarating. As a game of chance, roulette embodies the spirit of fun. A game where an actual wheel spins and a little white ball bounces, with no one knowing where exactly it will choose to land, thus deciding if you have won or lost the round. Those few seconds of anticipation can be gripping, as you await the result with bated breath.

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Thanks to online casinos, roulette for real money is available on your phone. All you have to do is head over to one and pick out your favorite variation. American, European, French, or Multi-Wheel. You can even play against a live dealer if that sounds even more interesting, especially if going up against the platform’s software does not sound appealing. So if this is up your alley, then discover all the fun and play roulette online with sevenjackpots.com/roulette/.

Call of Duty: Mobile

War is horrible. However, war games are exciting. Especially multiplayer ones. As split-second decisions count and can decide the game. You need to be fast, aware, and your reflexes have to be super-sharp. There’s danger lurking from all angles and behind any corner. So if this seems interesting to you, you can now also experience one of, if not, the biggest FPS franchise on your phone.Best of all, it’s free and you can play against other people in all kinds of different modes including – Battle Royale. And, you can find all the classic maps and characters from the series. Most crucially, the gameplay has been kept at pretty much the same energetic pace we’ve come to know and love.

The Room: Old Sins

Who would have thought that puzzle games would make such an impact in modern times? They have, and some have become long-running series. The Room is one that is already a classic, with four entries so far. The plot revolves around a couple that has disappeared from a creepy manor, and a dollhouse in an attic serves as a puzzle box for you to solve.

It doesn’t make much difference if this is your first foray in the series. You should be able to get a good grip on things quickly, as you explore darkly-lit environments and manipulate objects to reveal hidden mechanisms. A beautiful sense of atmosphere and many twists are guaranteed to keep you engaged.


Into the Dead 2

It’s not often that a sequel outdoes its predecessor, but it’s exactly what happened with this zombie-killing game. It’s an action-packed successor to the great original. And, let’s be honest, survival-horror is probably the most gripping genre there is. It leaves you at the edge-of-your-seat at every turn, as your life is threatened by the walking dead.

There are a lot of great maps that vary from military bases to farms, and you get to use a lot of powerful weapons. The story unravels in multiple chapters as you progress and tackle the many challenges it puts in front of you.

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