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    Enjoy the fun of speed racing and off-roading with one of these RC trucks


    RC trucks
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    Radio-controlled (RC) trucks are a blast for all ages. These miniaturized vehicles are manipulated from a distance using a remote and rechargeable battery. Like most radio-controlled vehicles, prices can run from toy-level novelties that creep along indoor carpeting to pro-level rigs with 4-wheel drive that can conquer any hill. So what’s the best RC truck out today? Here are our favorites.

    Bezgar 17 Toy Remote Control Car

    Best for kids:
    BEZGAR 17

    Staff Pick

    If you’re shopping for kids, this is the best RC truck on our list. It’s a toy-grade model with 2WD that cruises along at up to 12 miles per hour. The alloy body is rugged and has no trouble withstanding crashes and bumps. This kit comes with two rechargeable batteries, a truck, and a pistol-shaped 2.4GHz remote.

    Laegendary Rc Truck Render Cropped

    Best battery life:
    LAEGENDARY large RC truck

    When your battery dies, so does your time behind the wheel. The LAEGENDARY large RC truck holds a charge for 40 minutes and comes with two batteries, so you’re never left in the dust. The big, grippy tires hold on to dirt, mud, gravel, and anything else you throw at it. With show-stopping looks, a 2.4GHz remote, and two speed modes, it’s easy to see why this is one of the best RC trucks out today.

    Deerc 9300 Render Cropped

    Built for speed:
    DEERC 9300

    The DEERC 9300 is a high-speed, 4WD truck that tops out at 25mph. With big chunky tires and a 380 motor, this monster RC truck handles rock climbing, racing around a track, mudbogging, and backwoods cruising easily. The 9300 comes with two rechargeable batteries that last 40 minutes each, plus a 2.4GHz remote control. So throw on your Google Pixel Buds, crank up the music, and hit the road!

    Haiboxing Rc Truck Render Cropped

    4WD hobby truck:
    HAIBOXING off-road truck

    This new release RC truck from HAIBOXING is a 4WD built to hobby standards. It cruises at 22mph, has a solid battery life, and a powerful motor that transitions from grass to blacktop without trouble. Strong enough to withstand jumps, rain, and mud puddles, this is the perfect off-roading truck for adults and kids who love to play.

    $80 at Amazon

    Bezgar 1 Render Cropped

    A monster truck:
    BEZGAR 1

    Advanced hobbyists will love the BEZGAR 1. It’s a 4WD off-road monster truck with real LED headlights and a reinforced body frame. You’ll travel at speeds of up to 26mph, and the IPX5 waterproof rating means you can do a little puddle jumping too. This RC truck kit comes with the BEZGAR 1, a remote, two batteries, and a power cord.

    $115 at Amazon

    Deerc De43 Render Cropped

    Best value:
    DEERC DE45

    The DEERC DE45 is a monster truck that looks like the real deal. With a metal shell, 4WD, dual motors, and LED headlights, this RC truck can climb over objects, go cross-country, and works indoors and out. You’ll get two rechargeable batteries with this kit, a remote, charging cable, and the truck. What a deal!

    Hosim Rc Truck Render Cropped

    A big speedster:
    Hosim 9125

    Hosim’s popular 9125 is a 1/10 scale truck that’s big in size and speed. Steering is responsive, the truck has an IPX4 waterproof rating, and this bad boy goes 30mph. If you’re into racing and want an RC truck that moves well off-road or on, this is the one to get.

    RedcatEverest rc truck

    Best rock crawler:
    Redcat Racing Everest

    The Redcat Racing Everest climbs over anything with ease. You’ll get excellent stability from the oil-filled shocks and top-of-the-line ball bearings. Then, you tune the suspension to optimize performance for specific terrain and go. The big, grippy tires do the heavy lifting for you. If you’re an offroad fanatic, the Redcat is the best RC truck for you.

    What’s the best RC truck for your money?

    Whether you want to race an RC truck, do a little four-wheeling, or take a Sunday drive over the living room carpet, there’s something for everyone on our list. If you’re introducing RC vehicles to a child for the first time, go with the BEZGAR 17. It has a strong alloy body, two batteries, and a remote and is fun to use indoors or out.

    If you like monster trucks, you’ll love the DEERC 9300. It hits 25mph with ease, handles rock climbing without stuttering, and has a battery that holds out for 40 minutes. If you’re just starting and don’t want to dip too far into your budget, the DEERC DE45 is worth more than its asking price. It has a sturdy metal shell, 4WD, dual motors, and even LED headlights.

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