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    Best Keylogger Software for mac 2018

    Keylogger is more often regarded as a tool which is used by the, but this is not always in every case. As a fact, it is a tool which is also we can use regularly. If you want to know what your kids do on the computer, the websites they visit, the messages they sent, then installing this app on that device or even putting a discreet Keylogger on their computer might be the best approach.

    Here are the list of best keylogger software 2018

    If you also want to track the Key performance of your employees and also want to know what they are doing during the working hours, then a Keylogger installed on the company system is possibly the best approach to this. There are lots of Keylogger Mac programs which are available, but there are certain features to look out for when choosing the one.

    Introducing Elite Keylogger

    It is a Keystroke recorder for Max that has come up with all the necessary features and out is the elite Keylogger. You can try on the MacOS version. This Elite Keylogger recorder for Mac records every single Keystroke made on the target Machine. Just instead of that, every visited website is logged, and it even monitors the clipboard, that will also let you know things copied and pasted.

    elite keylogger for mac

    Setting up Elite Keylogger for Mac

    This Keylogger software for Mac is the tool which is very easy to install. If you are installing for the first time, then you would be required to choose an option between the free version or premium version. The difference between the both is that the free version does not track passwords and chats, but a Premium version can do all these.

    elite keylogger

    At the time of installing, you might be asked to enter your computer password before the installation process proceeds. This is normal as it is required for the application to work properly. You would also be required to choose the password for the app. And all these things should be known to the person who is going to set up all this.


    Then all you need to do is to enable the app from your system preferences. After doing all this, you are all set to use this software. It is not available in your application folder, and you will also not be going to find it on Launchpad. It is also not going to appear on the menu bar until you call it with the secret password which you give at the time of installing.

    • This tool has the basic features of a Keylogging app like keeping records of Keystrokes, time at which Keystrokes are made, which users type them and also which app is used.
    • It also logs password except you are using the freemium version of the app.
    • You can also monitor the system with the help of a screenshot which is taken from time to time.
    • The webs activity tracker which is present in the tool lets you monitor all the websites being visited.
    • There is also an option to monitor chats from some of the apps like Facebook, Skype, etc.

    keylogger for mac


    Elite Keylogger for Mac is very efficient and monitors a system as well. It does not matter whether you are tracking your kid’s web activities or monitoring your employee’s performance for better efficiency and productivity, this is the best tool for the same.

    Md Kashif Ali
    Md Kashif Ali
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