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    Download Electra Jailbreak Toolkit for iOS 11-11.1.2 in 2019

    Download Electra Jailbreak Toolkit for iOS 11-11.1.2: Another day another tweak. Yes, you heard it right, we here at Techfire have come with one of the latest tweaks in the market for iOS developer. With many tweaks yet to arrive some of the tweak developers have released Electra jailbreak Toolkit for iOS 11-11.1.2.

    It is developed by tweak developer Coolstar and designed by Alessandro Chiarlitti. The major point about Electra jailbreak is that it is Cydia-less tweak which makes it more favorable to download. Electra jailbreak is mostly used by tweak developer to test tweak as well as to test new themes.

    In this blog, we will be talking about how you can install this tweak on your iPhone, iPad etc. We will be also stressing on what this Electra jailbreak is all about. So let’s get started.


    Download Electra Jailbreak Toolkit for iOS 11-11.1.2: As stated above Electra is a jailbreak toolkit which is used by tweak developer to test tweak and themes. This developer tweak utilizes  Ian Beer’s kernel exploit, Xerub’s libjb library, AMFI patch by George Dan.

    Download Electra Jailbreak Toolkit for iOS 11-11.1.2:
    Download Electra Jailbreak Toolkit for iOS 11-11.1.2:

    It comes with the following requirements.

    • Anemone theming engine – You can run Anemone themes if you have the theme files.
    • Substitute – Substitute is a Substrate alternative and you can run tweaks using it. Remember, it does not install Cydia even though it allows you install and run tweaks.
    • Preference Loader – It’s an important Debian package.
    • Dropbear SSH client – Dropbear allows full SSH access without installing any other package.
    • SCP/SFTP/Command line – This tool gives you command line and full access to all associated commands.


    Below are the devices and their models in which Electra jailbreak will be compatible.



    • iPhone 5s
    • iPhone 6/iPhone 6 plus
    • iPhone 6s/6s plus
    • iPhone SE
    • iPhone 7/7 plus
    • iPhone 8/8 plus
    • iPhone X


    • iPad Air
    • iPad Air 2
    • iPad Pro
    • iPad mini 2
    • iPad mini 3
    • iPad mini 4


    • iPod touch 6

    So these are the devices in which Electra jailbreak will be compatible.


    This development toolkit is supported by all firmware version ranging iOS 11.0-11.1.2.


    Below are the latest IPA file for all the compatible models.

    • v1.1.0 (latest IPA file)
    • Beta 11-3
    • Beta 11-2
    • Beta 11
    • Beta 10  
    • Beta 9
    • Beta 8-2
    • Beta 8
    • Beta 7
    • Beta 6-5
    • Beta 6-4
    • Beta 6-3
    • Beta 6-2
    • Beta 6
    • Beta 5
    • Beta 4-2 (tweaks not working properly)
    • Beta 4
    • Beta 3-3
    • Beta 3-2 (stable)
    • Beta 3 (buggy)
    • Beta 2 (obsolete)
    • Beta 1 (obsolete)


    • December 26 – Version 1.1.0 improves stability, replaces Cydia with Sileo package manager, and updates APT and dpkg packages automatically.
    • February 12 – Beta 11-3 fixes a race condition with “jailbreakd” daemon to improve the success rate.
    • February 10 – Beta 11-2 fixes improves “jailbreakd” daemon and increases the success rate of jailbreak.
    • February 9 – Beta 11 adds improvements for the “jailbreakd” daemon among a few other fixes.
    • February 1 – Beta 10 is out. It fixes codesigned versions and cleans up the code.
    • January 27 – Beta 9 is out. It fixes the delay users experience while launching apps. If you want to update to beta 9 or above from beta 8-2 or lower versions, you must reinstall all tweaks and themes.
    • January 26 – Beta 8-2 fixes issues with Safari and Chrome, calls and app not working.
    • January 26 – Beta 8 comes with a lot of Sandbox patches and mitigations. Apps will now take longer to launch after a re-jailbreak due to Sandboxing issues.
    • January 22 – Beta 7 is out. It cleans up and repatches AMFID and adds a 3D Touch for quick access.
    • January 21 – Beta 6-5 fixes an issue with launchd daemon.
    • January 20 – Beta 6-4 comes with a lot of new patches and makes re-jailbreaking faster.
    • January 19 – Beta 6-3 adds the “jailbreakd” daemon as a “launchd” service.
    • January 18 – Beta 6-2 is a minor update and fixes issues with the entitlement injector.
    • January 17 – Beta 6 is out. It fixes issues with daemons and the zombie process problem.
    • January 15 – Beta 5 is out. It fixes Substitute and issues with the “jailbreakd” daemon.
    • January 14 – Beta 4 and 4-2 are out now. They contain fixes for AMFI, an issue with a symlink, and better support for Substrate tweaks.
    • January 14 – Beta 3-2 and beta 3-3 are out. It fixes crashes present in beta 3. If you own a plus model, stay with beta 3-2 only.
    • January 14 – Beta 3 is having issues right now. Stick to beta 2 until further update. 
    • January 14 – Beta 3 is out now. It can now set boot nonce in NVRAM, adds support for SHA1 binaries, some performance improvements and a faster re-jailbreak process.

    Aforementioned updates are the updates which have been introduced early this year.


    • iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
    • A compatible iOS 11 firmware
    • A computer running Windows, macOS, or Linux
    • Cydia Impactor
    • Basic knowledge of SSH, command line, and tweak development


    Follow the step by step procedure to install Electra jailbreak at the earliest.

    Step 1 Start Cydia Impactor sideload tool.

    Step 2 Download the latest beta IPA file using the link above.

    Step 3 Drag this file onto Cydia Impactor’s window to install it.

    Download Electra Jailbreak Toolkit for iOS 11-11.1.2:
    Download Electra Jailbreak Toolkit for iOS 11-11.1.2:

    Step 4 Enter your Apple ID username and password.

    Step 5 Wait for Impactor to sideload the app onto your iOS device. Once it is present on your home screen, simply open the Settings app and go to General > Profiles & Device Management.

    Step 6 Verify the jailbreak application present under your Apple ID email.

    Step 7 Once the app is verified, you can run it without getting the “certificate” error. Tap the Jailbreak button and wait for it to put to put your device in jailbreak mode.

    Download Electra Jailbreak Toolkit for iOS 11-11.1.2:
    Download Electra Jailbreak Toolkit for iOS 11-11.1.2:

    Step 8 Wait for it to inject the exploit on your Apple device.

    Step 9 It will now display a confirmation message (Already Jailbroken) on your screen.

    Now you are done with the setup and you can start it immediately after you get the confirmation message.


    Prior to testing the tweak as well as themes keep the following thing in mind.

    • Dropbear SSH client is available on ports 22 and 2222.
    • Springboard crashes will result in a respring to Substrate Safe Mode.
    • Sign your binaries with Jonathan Levin’s jtool or ldid2.
    • Executable files must have the necessary root entitlements before you run them.
    • Transfer Cydia tweaks to this location – /bootstrap/Library/SBInject.
    • Transfer Anemone themes to this location – /bootstrap/Library/Themes.
    • Binaries and libraries must be stored in this location – /bootstrap/usr/.
    • You can uninstall Electra with the script available at /bootstrap/
    • Ensure you reboot your device before you install beta 2 over beta 1.
    • You need to transfer all themes and tweak files manually. A lock backup or copy of the tweaks and themes is imperative.

    I hope this article helps you to install the jailbreak at the earliest and in the easiest way. If you encountered any problem then let us know through the comment box. We will surely help you out.




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