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    Electra jailbreak RC1- How To Download Electra Jailbreak RC1 (Cydia)

    Electra jailbreak RC1- How To Download And Install Electra Jailbreak RC1 (Cydia):

    Coolstar released its Electra jailbreak a few days back but the version of Electra jailbreak was creating an error on iOS devices and now finally Coolstar has released Cydia build of Electra jailbreak Names RC1.

    The New Electra Jailbreak RC1 is Released and is available for download for users. Electra RC1 (Release Candidate) comes with a working version of Cydia. This turns Coolstar’s developer toolkit into full-blown jailbreak tool for iOS 11 firmware.

    As we have known from sources, Coolstar approached Ryan Petrich and Matt Clarke, thus far for testing purposes.

    We have the Leaked IPA file of the Electra jailbreak that is meant for developers only so all the developers and testers can grab this file from the blow and use it for testing purpose.

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    Download Electra Jailbreak RC1:

    Download the .IPA file.

    Testing The Electra Jailbreak:

    Since the Electra jailbreak RC1 is new and in testing mode so we recommend only developers to use the Electra jailbreak for testing Purpose.

    Coolstar and other renowned developers such as null-pixel have warned users not to try anything before the public release.

    nullpixel-warning-|| Image credit: yalujailbreak||
    • Warning – DO NOT try it on your main device. I highly suggest using the leaked IPA on a test device. I assume no responsibility, in whole or in part, for any kind of damage caused to your device.

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    For further Updates on Electra, jailbreak RC1 stay tuned to our website and follow us on Facebook to stay up to date.

    Source: Yalujailbreak.

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