Education – A Need for the Society

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Education – A Need for the Society

Education or Shiksha that what it called in Hindi, has been given great importance all the time. Our country has seen a massive rise in the literacy rate that is 12% at the time of Britisher’s reign to 74% at present. Although we have seen that each and every person acknowledge a person who is literate, but in the present scenario it is more of a having a competition rather than gaining knowledge.

 It is a race of scoring marks, and we have seen that this race is not only between students or schools but it also involves their parents. This competition had some positive results as it crossed all the limits but also it paid a great price in the form many students losing their childhood or even committing suicide due to extreme pressure of the competition.

Students started following a common trend of either becoming a doctor or pursuing BTech and then either having a great competition for the entrance in the top engineering colleges of Ahmedabad or settling for a descent where they will be paid enough to live their life. But the innovative ideas that generally comes with a new generation was lost.

The Government of India from time to time came up with many alternatives and one of which was changing the Grading System. This alternative came up with some advantages but also came up with great disadvantages.

#Advantages of The Change in the System:

The unique change this change in the system of Grading brought was diluting the competition to great extent among the students. As marks obtained by the students was not shown and grades were given by setting up a certain range. The syllabus was split into halves and the first half was taught in the first six months of the academic year and the next half in the last six months where the first half was not included.

This was a sign of relief for the students as their pressure reduced due trimming of the syllabus. Students were able to score good marks and were quite relieved. A survey was done by GETMYUNI.COM, where students have a lot of queries related to which college should they prefer due to dilution in the competition.

Some of the important changes except for the change in grading system was the including of sports and other curriculum activities where the students can show their extra potential talents and the marks scored by the students in these activities were included in the report card prepared with fixed credits. This would lead to overall development of the students.

#Disadvantages of The Change in the Education System:

The splitting of the syllabus into two halves had some positive impact on the student’s attitude but it also came up with a price of forgetting the knowledge that the students must have gained in the first six months of the academic year. There is a great gap between the syllabus of the Secondary Education and the Senior Secondary Education which have to lead to more pressure on the students as they move to gain a higher level of education. Students lose the instinct of doing hard work and are not able to cope up with the pressure. They often lose the tendency to remember what they have read.

Grading system may have reduced the competition to some extent but it has also lead the students a lot of wrong decision and students are choosing the wrong subject which they will prefer during the higher studies.

As scoring is made easy, students often stay in the illusion and take the wrong decision while selecting their subjects which further will lead to a downfall in their career. Students are not thinking about their future or what they have keen interest instead they are going with the flow of following the same trend and realizing the fact when it is too late.


Every system has some pros and cons but there should be a proper balance. This problem can be solved in a very diplomatic and simple way if the parents help their wards not only forcing their pupil to study for marks but for knowledge.

Parents should consider the interest of the students rather than the subjects having maximum score. So, Parents can help a lot as they will have a better experience of predicting the conclusion.

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