Easy guide to Update MIUI 10 from MIUI 9 without DATA loss!


Hey Guys, My name is Kashif and in this post I’m going to show you how can you get MIUI 10 on your Xiaomi Phone. This post is for those who don’t want to delete any data and install miui 10 on their phone.

Update MIUI 10 from MIUI 9 without DATA loss

Yes you can now install miui 10 on your phone without deleting any data, like whats app chat, your camera photos, call logs contacts messages and apps with their data. So Lets get started.

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install miui 10

First we have to backup all the things, So in your phone go to the settings then additional settings then backup and reset.

install miui 10

go a head and backup all the things. system settings as well as apps with their data. Now as you can see backup process completed.

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install miui 10

Next I will backup Whatsapp chats, because this is not my phone. its my father’s phone and I don’t want to delete his chats or any important messages or documents. So click on three dots then settings, now tap on chats, tap on chat backup and backup your chat on google drive.

install miui 10

Now connect your phone via computer and in your phone select MTP. In your computer open the phones folders and select all the important folders, like DCIM for all your camera pictures, downloads and documents folder. select MIUI folder and copy that folder too.
as in this folder your all miui backup is there.

After copying all the data, you have to download the miui 10 rom. I have given the link to download the ROM. DOWNLOAD

After downloading simply drag that rom into main internal storage Disconnect your phone by removing the usb cable. In your phone head over to system updates and on upper right hand side tap on three dots and select update from sd card.

and from here you have to select that miui 10 rom which you downloaded and pasted in this. It will start decrypting the files, click on clean and update and it will start updating your phone.

so after update. complete the welcome setup and Now its time for Paste that folders which you copied from your phone

So just connect it and select the mtp and paste all that files into the phone. Now its time for restore, so go to settings, additional settings and then backup and reset you can see there is a backup simply tap on that and restore it. After restoring all the apps

Open whats app enter your phone number after getting otp it will automatically paste that, and restore your your all chats with the help of you google drive backup.

Full Video Guide:


So that’s pretty much it guys for this. Share this video. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you in the next one.