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    How To Earn Money By Editing Pictures With A Single App

    Nowadays everyone in this world takes selfies with their smartphone and the trend is increasing day by day. We all love to edit photos that we have taken with our smartphones to make our photos look more beautiful. Every smartphone user loves to click selfies of their own and share it on various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc.

    Not every one of us is a professional photo editor or know how to use some heavy photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop and much more. Most of us are Android or iOS users and we love to edit our photos on our smartphone which is more easier and more faster.

    Now the question is: Will any one Pay you money for editing software, Well, Yes! now you can earn a handful of cash just by editing photos. Now if we Talk about Android or iOS, we have a handful of apps to try out and improve editing skill. We assume that every one of knows how to edit photos on their Smartphones.

    Mendr App

    In this Post, we will share an App from which you can earn money by editing Pictures, Sounds too good to be true, Right!. It would be very cool to earn some cash on what we love to do. We can do it as a part time work and earn some cash.

    Now let me Tell you how will all these go, All you need to do is Install an app Called Mendr. The app works on crowdsourcing to match you with users who want their photo to be edited.

    Mendr App

    Mendr app has 2 set of users, plenty (who need their picture to be edited) and editors (who edit the photos). Suppose, if you’re a user and need to urge your picture edited, then Mendr can recommend your picture edit request to the editors. The app also let users the facility to control over the edits they specifically need. Mendr may even be the simplest app if you wish to earn a little side income together with your picture editing skills.

    To start earning from the app, you have to give the test that they have provided for editors. The app has three test options for beginners, intermediate and advanced. Rejected editors can also re-apply for the test again in two weeks.

    Mendr App

    Now if you are eligible they will email you regarding the eligibility status and you can edit the given photos from the app and earn money.

    Note: “As an editor at Mendr, you get to claim the requests you want and the work is immediately yours. Alongside every available edit request, you’ll see how much money you’ll make. Once you complete the job, cashing out is easy via PayPal.”

    So, if you want to earn some side cash and you are good at editing then this job is particularly for you.

    You Can Download The App Mendr for Android and iOS.

    So whats your thought on this? do let us know your thoughts in the comment box below.

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