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    How To Download Youtube++ | Protube++ | Cercube An alternative to Hacked iOS Youtube App

    How To Download Youtube++ | Protube | Cercube An alternative to Hacked iOS Youtube App

    There’s always some bad news happening around us all. but one of the worst news today in Cydia repository has arrived and that is, YouTube++ is now being shut down. It was one of the best application as for normal youtube alternative. But today developers have decided it to completely remove it from the Cydia Source.

    YouTube++ was one of the most popular and downloaded apps from the Cydia repository. Many people have switched to Cydia, just to use this application. But the application did come with its flaw, and one of them was even though the majority of all iPhones might have switched to iOS11 and even all app developers have switched there. This platform YouTube++ was still stuck on the previous version of the iOS ecosystem.

    Also now you can no longer download or install YouTube++ from the Cydia source, neither UnlimApps. Although all other apps like Whatsapp++ and Instagram++ are still going well.

    Though if you loved the YouTube++ we have got you covered, we have listed here some of the best few alternative to the YouTube++

    • Warning – Remember, most of these alternative apps require you to have functional Cydia so all iOS 11 versions are effectively ruled out in this case.

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    Download Youtube++, Cercube, Protube:

    1. YOUTUBE++


    YouTube++, the most popular hacked iOS app for YouTube,

    You can download its Debian file from this link. This is obviously the best option if you just can’t live without this app.

    sms tracker app

    If you don’t have a jailbreak, you can grab the sideload-able version of YouTube++ here.

    2. CERCUBE


    Cercube: Its much of a carbon copy for the YouTube++ app and also its newest build version v4.2.1.7 integrates perfectly with the latest Youtube Update. and it also supports dark mode theme.

    You can download it via Cydia from Majd Alfhaily’s Cydia repo –

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    3. PROTUBE++


    Protube++: Despite Protube no longer being featured in the official iOS app store, it does continue to shine for the jailbreakers with its hell lot of killer features. You can use the Protube++ as an alternative to Protube.

    You can download it from BigBoss Cydia repository if you have a functional jailbreak like g0blin jailbreak.


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