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    How To Download Safari Technology Preview 46

    A new version of the experimental browser Safari Technology Preview has been released and this opportunity is before version 46. As in previous opportunities, the new version adds a solution to the errors detected in the previous Safari Technology Preview with the typical improvements for JavaScript, CSS, Validation of forms, Web Inspector, Web API, WebCrypto, Media, and Performance.

    We can not say that Apple does not show interest in prospering its experimental browser and it is clear that from the first day that this browser was thrown by Apple what was intended was that the maximum number of Mac consumers installed and tested it, something that offers to the company a real advantage to incorporate news in Safari.

    In this version 46, the improvements are directly related to the performance and stability of the browser, sure that the improvements have been incorporated into the new version of Safari that came with macOS High Sierra 10.13.2  released a few days ago by Apple. This is an independent and completely free browser that can use all the world you want and have a Mac, the more consumers try this browser the more feedback Apple receives to detect errors and apply the precise corrections in the later versions of the official browser.

    Safari Technology Preview is a specialized version of Safari, created for developers. In it new functions the same web browser of third-party technology.

    In the last installment of Safari, under the number 46 of Apple included scripts Service Workers. A special component that allows websites to store information on the users’ computer. The latter, in turn, can work with the sites, even without an internet connection. Web resources are the data directly on the devices so that people have not seen the page blank if you suddenly lose your connection to the internet.

    Service Workers improves the function of sending notifications of sites directly in the system, it also allows, in the background, to synchronize and update diverse information.

    Probably, the scripts will appear in Safari for iOS. In Android, they are already supported and used to send notifications to users. Site owners already benefit from the advantages of Service Workers and send their alert visitors, warning about the appearance of new content on their web page favorites.

    Previously, Apple has updated public version of Safari, adding the blocking of automatic playback of videos on the web, as well as the protection of tracking by advertisers.

    Furthermore, we always remember in the updates that are released that to install Safari Technology Preview you  do not need to have a developer account and anyone can download it, you simply have to access the apple website and download the latest free version of Safari Technology Preview

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