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    How to Download Leaked iOS 11 wallpapers for iPhone and iPad

    We are just a few days away from the launch of iPhone 8 with the all new iOS 11, Apple has been talking much about their new iOS 11 with all new features that it will provide. Apple has been providing Beta updates of iOS 11 as of now.

    On 12th September, we will see the launch of the final iOS 11 with its all new features along with iPhone 8. iOS 11 will bring new interface with all new control center 11 and also with new wallpapers.

    We haven’t seen much images of the iOS 11 wallpapers but this time we have got our hands on the leaked iOS 11 wallpapers. We will be providing all the set of wallpapers along with the Download links.

    The iOS 11 wallpapers include multiple abstract colors, a few shots of planet Earth and the moon, six flowers against colorful gradient backgrounds, and a sure to be popular series of seven retro Apple logo inspired wallpapers featuring the classic six colors from the old rainbow Apple logo.

    Apple typically includes a series of new wallpapers with each major new operating system release, and iOS 11 will apparently be no different.

    How to Download Leaked iOS 11 wallpapers for iPhone and iPad

    Click the links below to download the zip archive of wallpapers sized for iPad or iPhone, the zips are hosted by 9to5mac:

    If you’re downloading the zip collections to a Mac or Windows PC you’ll be able to extract the zip files as usual, but iPhone and iPad users should keep in mind that the Files app in iOS 11 can preview contents of zip files and extract them one by one, whereas older versions of iOS will want to use a third party app to open zip archives on iPhone and iPad.

    Three additional wallpapers apparently from iOS 11 GM are also referenced by 9to5mac separately, though they aren’t included in the bundled zip archives for whatever reason, click on any of the links below to launch the image into a new window:

    By saving the above images to an iPhone or iPad device you can set those pictures as the wallpaper in iOS easily, or set the desktop background on a Mac too.


    So, guys, this were the list of Cool iOS 11 Wallpapers that we have presented here, We hope that you guys liked it. Share this article with your friends so that they can also download and use the CM wallpapers.

    Image Credit: 9To5Mac

    Source: Osxdaily

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