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    How To Download iPhone Baseband Source Code To Unlock Any iPhone

    How To Download iPhone Baseband Source Code To Unlock Any iPhone:

    Yesterday, we wrote a post on the potential leaks of iOS 9 BootRom and its source code and how users can download the source code. Not much long today another hacker has leaked the iPhone Baseband Source code which developers can use to unlock an iPhone.

    A Twitter user, Apple Internals, just leaked the Baseband source code. This leak is a follow-up to the BootROM and iBoot leak that happened yesterday.

    iPhone Baseband Source Codev
    iPhone Baseband Source Code

    The source code potentially was done public today itself by the hackers and now users can download the files of the source code. We have the news that the source code can unlock iPhones to certain models though the names of the models are not clearly mentioned by the twitter user.

    The thing we do know that each and every iPhone has its own baseband, without a baseband an iPhone cannot work so in order to test your iPhone with the source code of the baseband that is leaked you will need to download the source code of the baseband files from below.

    It comes in the form of an XCode project which anyone can compile easily. Download this ZIP archive as soon as possible because Apple will take it down. If the download link stops working, drop a comment below. I will re-upload it to another website.

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    Here is the Tweet by Apple Internals:

    Download Baseband Source Code:

    Baseband Source

    Features Of using Baseband Source code:

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    • Carrier Unlock:

    iPhone Baseband Source Code
    iPhone Baseband Source Code

    With the help of Baseband, source code user can now unlock their Cellular network to its full extent. It will be very helpful for users using carrier-locked iPhone models as they can now unlock it with the source code.

    We all know that Baseband controls all the cellular network and its functions so unlocking it will give us the full potential to use any SIM of any network.

    • Security Research:

    The most valuable and important point is security, having an XCode project really simplifies things for the Baseband hackers. All you need to have to compile it is use a Mac and fire up XCode.

    As the source code is all up and available to users, developers now can Examine the security handlers of iPhone, this also may lead to Vulnerabilities and some other security breach.

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