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    How To Download iOS 9 BootROM and Full iBoot source code

    How To Download iOS 9 BootROM and iBoot source code:

    The iOS 9 BootRom Was leaked yesterday on Twitter by a User and now iBoot source code and iOS 9 BootRom is available for users to download and use it. The Twitter user by the name, q3hardcore, recently leaked Apple’s iOS 9 BootRom and iBoot internal code online.

    The iOS 9 BootRom and iBoot source code were only available to the Developers in Private until the Rom was leaked by the Twitter user.

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    The source code package titled iBoot_BootROM_iBSS_iBSS_iLLB_Source_Codes.rar is available for download to all users as it is publically online. This version is missing a few files that were present in the original leak.

    The Source Code Contains documents and other details on files, another thing to note that the source code is built for specific iOS 9 firmware.

    Download iOS 9 BootROM & iBoot source code:

    Here is the Download File as iBOOT.Zip

    How To Use iOS 9 BootRom & iBoot Source Code:

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    • Untethered Jailbreak For iOS 9:

    With the Bootrom or the iBoot source code, one can untether jailbreak for the affected iOS 9 versions. As the source code is available so it is relatively easier to build and edit while other tweaks may also be done with the Source code.

    • Downgrade:

    It will be useful for 32-bit devices to downgrade rather than 64-bit devices require a much powerful exploit for downgrading because they have SEP firmware to take care of.

    • Security:

    Hackers can’t compile or test this code out because of missing tools. They can, however, use it to find security vulnerabilities in iOS 9 and then develop exploits based on them. Moreover, it can also prove useful for finding vulnerabilities for future versions and modern 64-bit devices.

    There are more jailbreaks and others Tweaks to come up so stay tuned and follow our website for more details.

    Source: Yalujailbreak.

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