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    XBarRemover- How To Download And Install XBarRemover for iPhone X Swipe up bar Tweak

    XBarRemover- How To Download And Install XBarRemover for iPhone X Swipe up bar Tweak

    If our previous Post We showed you how you can Download and install FluidEnabler- iPhone X UI  on any iOS device. In this post, we will show you another pretty impressive tweak for your iOS device This new tweak will remove the most of the annoying or unwanted features of your iPhone X. Here’s how you can Download and install it on your iPhone X.


    People who are using any iOS device running on iOS 11 knows the pain of bloatware and the stock operating system can be.

    To counter that Developers are working on the tweaks of the iPhone X or any iOS 11 device, recently we had the Electra Jailbreak brought up by Coolstar and also the Median| Goblin|liberios jailbreak tweaks all are intended for the iPhone X and all other iOS 11 devices.

    XBarRemover Cydia tweak removes the stock swipe bar from iPhone X. It is developed by tweak developer, Sam Breadman.

    It removes the swipe up bar from everywhere except the lock screen and inside applications. All areas such as home screen and App Switcher will no longer display it.

    The XBarRemover Cydia tweak doesn’t need any kind of setup just installation of the file and that’s it will start working.

    How To Download And Install XBarRemover for iPhone X Swipe up bar Tweak
    How To Download And Install XBarRemover for iPhone X Swipe up bar Tweak

    Download And Install XBarRemover Tweak

    Download the XBarRemover Tweak .

    This tweak will help all those guys who are feeling Awkward with the stock Black swipe bar and always wanted o change it then, you guys definitely need to use this tweak to get the swipe bar removed.

    How To Install XBarRemover Tweak With FIZLA:

    If you don’t have a computer, here’s an easier method for installing tweaks on your Apple device. You can install Cylinder, Zeppelin, and all other supported tweaks with this method.

    Step 1 Install Cydia Substrate using the method above. This will ensure your device can run Substrate-dependent tweaks properly.

    Step 2 Install FilzaEscaped file explorer on your device. If you don’t have a computer, you can use Panda Helper VIP to install it.

    install this tweak on iOS 11
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    (install this tweak on iOS 11)

    Step 2 Download ZipApp Free application from the official App Store.

    [appbox appstore 585600850]

    Step 3 Download the Debian package of any compatible tweak from here. Ensure you use Safari web browser only.

    Step 4 Open the .deb package with ZipApp Free and extract it inside it. The extracted files will go to this ZipApp’s folder in this location on your root filesystem – /var/mobile/Containers/Data/Application.


    Step 5 Open Filza and go to the aforementioned location (ZipApp’s location). Now, copy the following files and folders to this location –

    • Copy <tweak name>.plist and <tweak name>.dylib to /bootstrap/Library/SBinject.
    • Copy PreferenceBundles folder and to /bootstrap/PreferenceBundles.
    • Copy PreferenceLoader folder to /boostrap/PreferenceLoader.

    Step 6 Restart Springboard as shown above. Your tweak will now start working.


    • Generally, these files are present in this location – MobileSubstrate/DynamicLibraries. You can also find these files inside the SBInject folder in some tweaks.
    • If you are installing Cylinder, you need to transfer the Cylinder folder inside the archive to /Library. This holds true for all other similar tweaks like Zeppelin that contain an extra folder apart from the ones given above. This folder contains tweak data.
    • If there’s no such called MobileSubstrate, simply copy the files from the SBInject folder.


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