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    UniBoot – How To Download And Install UniBoot on your iOS 9-10.3.3 jailbreak tools

    UniBoot – How To Download And Install UniBoot on your iOS 9-10.3.3 jailbreak tools

    UniBoot quasi-untethered has made the aim to pass all of your semi-tethered jailbreak phones, where we will let you know how you can install and use it on your already jailbroken Apple Device

    Untethered jailbreak

    Uniboot: This is the variant that the user would probably always prefer. The jailbreak is permanently on the device and you can turn off your iOS device at any time and restart it without a jailbreak being lost.

    Tethered jailbreak

    Uniboot:: Actually the worst option. If you switch off the device and drive it up again, the jailbreak is over and the device only boots into recovery mode. The jailbreak has to be redone via the computer. After all, as a rule, the data used with the JB is not lost.

    Semi-tethered jailbreak

    Uniboot: Almost the slightly better Tethered Jailbreak. After all, the iOS iPhone or iPad can boot up completely but still loses the jailbreak. Otherwise, the same applies as in the tethered jailbreak.

    Semi-Untethered Jailbreak

    Uniboot: The best variants if it must already be a tethered jailbreak. The iPhone or iPad can boot completely by itself but has no jailbreak afterward. The advantage here is that usually an app (or in rare cases, an online solution) can be used directly on the device. With this one can then restore the jailbreak directly after the restart and is theoretically not dependent on a PC.

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    What is UniBoot?

    It is a Debian package that seems to convert your semi-tethered jailbreak apple device to full untethered one. It is developed by the Artikus.

    Also, the moment you shut down your apple device. it performs these functions.

    • Prevent iOS from executing the shutdown sequence.
    • Force enable low power mode.
    • Set brightness to minimum.
    • Display “Turn on” message on the screen, which will turn on your device.

    It also seems to replace other shutdown or reboot method that is used by several tweaks.

    Here is a Small Video showing Uniboot:

    Jailbreak exploits

    Uniboot: For the normal user certainly uninteresting. Exploits (from “to exploit” for the exploit, exploit, exploit) are the holes in the iOS system that allow hackers to create a jailbreak.

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    To install UniBoot you have 2 ways to do so the first option is to go with Cydia which is, of course, the most famous way and the 2nd option is to go with Filza.


    • Add the repository to Cydia –
    • Download all required package and respring your device.


    • Open Safari.
    • Download the Debian package from the above-specified link.
    • Open it with Filza file manager.
    • Install the tweak.
    • Respring your device.

    It can now replace your shutdown/reboot system. You can reboot your device by pressing home and sleep buttons together for 7 seconds.

    Source: yalujailbreak.

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