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    How To Download, Install And Setup Whatsapp Payments

    How To Download, Install And Setup Whatsapp Payments:

    Whatsapp is one the most used app for Messaging apps nearly each and every person is using WhatsApp in his day to day life. Whatsapp had given us a glimpse previously of the UPI based payment.

    We have heard a lot about UPI payment being very effective to users as it is very fast and easy to use. WhatsApp seems to be testing its much-awaited UPI-based payments feature for select WhatsApp beta users on iOS and Android.

    Yesterday, WhatsApp released it beta versions for testing purpose, according to sources the beta version is available to only selected Beta users and will be available to all other users as well. But if you are one of those guys who don’t like to wait and want to test this feature by yourself we have got something for you.

    Whatsapp payments
    Whatsapp payments

    Whatsapp Payment Features:

    Whatsapp payment brings new UPI based payment but currently valid only to few banks as it is in beta tester mode. Users will see a new Payment icon when they click on attachment option on WhatsApp chat Box.

    Whatsapp Payments:
    Whatsapp Payments: Image Source: Beebom.com

    It replaces the Camera shortcut, which was earlier sandwiched amidst the document and gallery options.

    Download the Whatsapp Beta:

    You can download the Whatsapp Beta with the Payment Version included Here. After you download the app simply install the app as you do on WhatsApp.

    How to Setup Whatsapp Beta Payments:

    To start setting up of WhatsApp payments you need your bank account details in order to link your UPI to WhatsApp. The UPI framework is going to come in handy and enable you to use your registered WhatsApp number for the setup process. Here is the full process of adding your bank to WhatsApp:-

    • Open WhatsApp, tap on the three dots at the top right corner and navigate to the Settings > Payments window.
    • Tapping on the payment option will take you to a new window, where you’ll first need to verify your phone number to begin the UPI setup process. Your registered phone number on WhatsApp should be the same as the one used to register for UPI.
    • Once your number is verified, you will be shown a long list of banks. Here, you can go ahead and select the bank and account that you want to link with WhatsApp.
    • Though it may take some time to process, you’ll see a ‘setup complete’ message on your screen to demarcate that your bank account has been linked and you can now make or receive payments in a conversation itself. You can check out the process in this YouTube video posted today:

    For all those people who are wondering when will the Offical Update for payments be released, well, we don’t have any particular date for the release of  Whatsapp payments Update but as we know it will take time to arrive in different countries.

    Earlier, Whatsapp launched it business accounts for users willing to expand its business through WhatsApp. Whatsapp will be a tuff competition to all the UPI based messaging apps Like Google Tez.

    Well, time will tell that is Whatsapp Payments better than other Payments service on Messaging field. For more updates stay tuned to our Website and we will be keeping you updated with all the latest news.


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