Liberty Lite – How To Download And Install Liberty Lite on iOS 11 for Jailbreak Bypass


Liberty Lite – How To Download And Install Liberty Lite on iOS 11 for Jailbreak Bypass

iOS 10 had some jailbreak issues as many apps and games can detect that the device is jailbroken and hence it won’t allow running the app or game properly. The same is for iOS 11, jailbreak detection is a big issue but with Liberty Lite now users can Bypass jailbreak on their devices.

Liberty Lite is a general-purpose jailbreak detection bypass for iOS 11 firmware. It is developed by famed patch developer, Ryley Angus.

Since it’s the “lite” version of the original Liberty Cydia tweak, a major feature is missing from this tweak.

Users can’t selectively enable and disable Cydia Substrate or, in Electra’s case, Comex’s Substitute with this version.

According to the developer, he tested it only on iOS 9/10 yet it works perfectly on iOS 11 without any hitches.

According to testers, Liberty Lite successfully patches the following apps and games –

  • ADIB Mobile Banking App
  • British Airways
  • CaixaBank app
  • Dokkan Battle JP
  • Fire Emblem Heroes
  • myBranch
  • PayPal
  • Pokemon Go
  • Santander Personal Banking
  • Snapchat
  • Super Mario Run
  • Vudu


The following applications and games are not working with this version –

  • Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp
  • Fate/Grand Order
  • Halifax banking app
  • Maybank Banking
  • RHBNow
  • SEB Mobile Banking app
  • UBS Access

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  • iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch
  • App or game that detects jailbreak
  • Cydia


Step 1 Open Cydia and go to the Sources section.

Step 2 Tap Edit > Add and enter the URL of Ryley’s Cydia repository –

Step 3 Once the repo gets installed on your device, tap on it and browse its “All Packages” section.

Step 4 Install the following package. Ensure you remove the older versions of this package before installing the “lite” version.

Install Liberty Lite
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Step 5 Go to Settings > Liberty Lite to apply app-specific patches. If you are unable to find this tweak in the stock Settings app, try disabling conflicting tweaks such as NotTodaySatan and LittleX.

Install Liberty Lite
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Step 6 Tap Block Jailbreak Detection and slide the toggle for any desired application or game.

Install Liberty Lite
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That’s pretty much it! If you are unable to get it working properly, I suggest waiting for the full version. If you guys have any issues or problems comment down below and we will be helping you guys.

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