Ext3nder Installer – How To Download And Install Ext3nder Installer for iOS 11-11.1.2 firmware

Ext3nder Installer – How To Download And Install Ext3nder Installer for iOS 11-11.1.2 firmware:

Ext3nder Installer is a modified version of Ext3nder which is also a modified version of Cydia Extender and it is developed by a developer called Julio Verne.

A patched version of Extender is not updated to Ext3nder Installer and you can install this tool on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch running iOS 11.

The new Ext3nder Installer version will allow you to sign application on-the-Go. This allows you to keep your jailbreak in tip-top shape without ever requiring a PC or computer to resign it again.

Note: If you are running a Jailbreak Such as Electra jailbreak than Make sure you are updated to its latest version.


  • iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
  • iOS 11-11.1.2 firmware
  • Cydia
  • Apple ID username and password

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Step 1 Open Cydia.

Step 2 Search for unzip and Core Utilities and install them. These core packages are available on Electra’s default repository (Electra’s iOS Utilities). Core Utilities should already be present on your device but you must install it if it isn’t.

Step 3 Go to Sources and tap Edit > Add.

Step 4 Add Midnight Chip’s Cydia repository – https://midnightchip.github.io/repo/.

Step 5 Install the following package from this repo and wait for Cydia to throw an error.

Ext3nder Installer
Image Credit: Yalujailbreak.net

Step 6 Once it displays the error, go back to the Installed section of Cydia. Scroll down to unzip and reinstall it.

Step 7 Reinstall Ext3nder Installer. The installation will now get over without any errors.


Step 8 Open Ext3nder app from your home screen.

Ext3nder Installer
Image Credit: Yalujailbreak.net

Step 9 Go to More section.

Step 10 Scroll down and key in your Apple ID credentials in the “SETUP LOGIN APPLE” section.

Ext3nder Installer
Image Credit: Yalujailbreak.net

Wait for it to authenticate your details and encrypt your password. Once your details are ready, you can start signing apps on-device.

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Step 11 Go to the Installed section. This section contains all the sideloaded applications that are currently present on your device.

As for me, I have Panda Helper, AppValley, Electra, and FilzaJailed on my iPhone.

Ext3nder Installer
Image Credit: Yalujailbreak.net

Step 12 Tap on the app you want to sign and tap Resign. I chose the Electra jailbreak app thus ensuring my jailbreak app will run for a week again without any issues.

Step 13 Wait for it to display the “Installed” notification as shown below.

Ext3nder Installer
Image Credit: Yalujailbreak.net

That’s pretty much it. You will no longer need to use Cydia Impactor over and over again from now on.

Ext3nder Installer also has a builtin auto-signing feature. This function auto-signs IPA files (applications) automatically without any user intervention through the feature is not working in the patched version because iOS 11 breaks backgrounding. We need to spawn the auto-signer process properly to fix that.

Source: yalujailbreak.


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