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    Arctic Package: How To Download And Install Arctic Package Installer For iOS 10.3.3 And Below

    How To Download And Install Arctic Package Installer For iOS 10.3.3 And Below

    Lately, many Tweaks and jailbreak is coming up for iPhone and Developers are working on different tweaks and jailbreak for different versions of iOS. Recently we have seen the Median| Goblin |liberios jailbreaks, Electra jailbreak and it uses. We can say that Electra and all the other jailbreak may be the alternative to Cydia jailbreak once full features are released by developers.

    A developer Antique Dev has just released his own Cydia alternative called the Arctic. Well, you might be wondering that what is the Arctic? as you have probably heard this name for the first time.


    The Arctic is a Package installer developed by  Antique Dev, who is a very trusted member of the jailbreak community. The Arctic installer will work on all iOS devices of 10.3.3 and firmware below that.

    A pre-release beta is already out for beta-testing. If you already have a jailbroken device, you can give it a try. Here is a small one look glimpse of how the installer looks:

    Arctic Installer for ios 10.3.3
    Arctic Installer for ios 10.3.3

    you can download its Debian package and install it with Filza.

    Features Of Arctic Package Installer:

    • .deb installer –  You can install all Debian packages (tweaks, apps, and themes).
    • Dynamic loading system – The app automatically adjusts its user interface to accommodate new packages.
    • Automatic re-jailbreak – It will automatically put your device in jailbreak after each reboot.
    • Asynchronous loading – Smooth image and media loading.
    • Modern GUI – It uses a whole new modern GUI, unlike Cydia’s aging user interface.

    Apart from its features, it does have a few limitations right now.

    • Over-reliance on Substrate – It utilizes Saurik’s Substrate and doesn’t use its own tweak framework. Many recent installers and tools use different frameworks and don’t rely on Substrate.
    • Broken installer – This is a temporary issue and will be fixed in the upcoming builds.

    Download The Arctic Package Installer:

    Download the Arctic package Installer from Here.

    How To Install The Arctic Package Installer:(Using Filza)

    If you don’t have a computer, here’s an easier method for installing tweaks on your Apple device. You can install Cylinder, Zeppelin, and all other supported tweaks with this method.

    Step 1 Install Cydia Substrate using the method above. This will ensure your device can run Substrate-dependent tweaks properly.

    Step 2 Install FilzaEscaped file explorer on your device. If you don’t have a computer, you can use Panda Helper VIP to install it.

    Step 2 Download ZipApp Free application from the official App Store.

    [appbox appstore 585600850]

    Step 3 Download the Debian package of any compatible tweak from here. Ensure you use Safari web browser only.

    Step 4 Open the .deb package with ZipApp Free and extract it inside it. The extracted files will go to this ZipApp’s folder in this location on your root filesystem – /var/mobile/Containers/Data/Application.

    Step 5 Open Filza and go to the aforementioned location (ZipApp’s location). Now, copy the following files and folders to this location –

    • Copy <tweak name>.plist and <tweak name>.dylib to /bootstrap/Library/SBinject.
    • Copy PreferenceBundles folder and to /bootstrap/PreferenceBundles.
    • Copy PreferenceLoader folder to /boostrap/PreferenceLoader.

    Step 6 Restart Springboard as shown above. Your tweak will now start working.

    Source: yalujailbreak



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