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    Do you get 5G with Mint Mobile?


    Galaxy S20+ 5G network with SIM cardsSource: Samuel Contreras / Android Central

    Best answer: Yes, Mint Mobile customers are now able to use the T-Mobile 5G network the same way they would use LTE. No special plans or fees are required and customers just need a 5G capable phone.

    Thank the New T-Mobile network for 5G on Mint Mobile

    Does Mint Mobile support 5G? Mint Mobile is based on the T-Mobile network and previously only used the LTE network for its phones. Today, Mint Mobile supports 5G on all of its plans at no additional cost. 5G works on any T-Mobile-compatible 5G phone, so if you have an unlocked Galaxy S20 5G, you can get connected on Mint Mobile. Currently, Mint Mobile sells a handful of 5G capable phones directly and several of the best phones to use with Mint Mobile support 5G.

    Mint Mobile’s 5G network works the same way as the T-Mobile network, with the majority of coverage coming from T-Mobile’s expansive low-band 600MHz deployment. This low-end network doesn’t offer speeds too different from LTE but given its great coverage, it’s a solid start that keeps people connected to 5G as much as possible. T-Mobile has also been rapidly deploying 5G on spectrum gained from the purchase of Sprint and now offers 2.5GHz coverage in over 200 cities.

    Millimeter-wave, high-band 5G is available in a few dense areas and even a few indoor areas like sports stadiums. This network can handle many more connections than the others thanks to having a vast amount of spectrum available in the high band. Coverage is much weaker as a result making it really only practical for small areas that need a boost.

    Data savings

    Mint Mobile Logo

    Mint Mobile

    Phone service up to 12 months at a time

    All plans come with unlimited calls and texts with a choice of 4GB, 10GB, 15GB, or unlimited LTE or 5G data. You can save money by buying six or 12 months at once.

    5G capable

    Samsung Galaxy S20

    Samsung Galaxy S20

    High-end specs with 5G hardware

    The Galaxy S20 is one of the most powerful phones available with a great screen, large battery, and great cameras. It can also connect to most sub-6 5G networks.

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