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    A Discussion of Why Every Student Needs A Smartphone

    Top 10 Reasons Why Every Student Should Have A Smartphone

    Is it wrong to have a smartphone in school? This is an age-old question that parents in the past would ask themselves as they prepared their children to join colleges and universities. Traditionally, having a smartphone in school was considered a problem as it distracted the attention of the learners to other things apart from the primary reason of being in school – studies. Fast forward, things have changed, and every student is struggling to own a smartphone. In fact, those who do not own one consider their studies incomplete. One of the questions that everyone is having is, “has owning a smartphone become that important for students?”

    Use a smartphone to improve your learning experience

    “Smartphones are nothing but a trouble among learners.” Perhaps, you might have heard this statement a couple of times in the past but with the advancement of technology and its use in the education, no one can deny the role that smartphones and other devices such as computers have in the life of any student. Nowadays, almost every student in an institution of higher learning possesses a smartphone. If you still hold the myth that smartphones are a distraction in schools, this article is meant for you. It offers an in-depth discussion of the top reasons why every learner should own a smartphone.

    Smartphones make access to the internet in search for information easy

    Nowadays, the internet has become the source of anything. For students, it is even more advantageous as the internet provides them with numerous sources of information for their studies. Most of the students who own smartphones use them for searching school-related information. In most of the cases, smartphones act as learning aids especially for furthering knowledge in a given subject.

    Smartphones are useful in making notes as well as scheduling work

    Technology has advanced considerably, leading to the introduction of diverse applications that make learning easy. For example, some apps available on smartphones help learners to make notes or even schedule tasks in class or just in school. With such applications, student life becomes quite comfortable since the learners can track their activities in school well. Moreover, developing the habit of scheduling tasks while in school helps the leaners to grow into responsible and productive adults.

    Students use smartphones to do homework easier

    Learning and doing homework has never been this easy. Smartphones come with numerous applications and options that make handling homework quite simple. Apart from dictionaries, with a smartphone, learners can access other applications for doing certain experiments, which makes them more productive. Most of these apps are meant to offer fun while at the same time learning. You can also use the smartphone to buy custom paper online.

    Smartphones enhance effective communication

    Communication is an important domain of student life. It can be used for communication between learners and their friends to set up meet-ups, or even with family members. The ability to communicate comes with diverse benefits for people in different age groups. Nowadays, the emergence of several means of communication over the web has made it a necessity for everyone to own a smartphone. For instance, smartphones avail communication via electronic mail and social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp and WeChat, among others.

    Trackable use

    Incidences are inevitable and in most of the cases, it can be quite challenging to trace someone in case something bad happens. However, with a smartphone, there are diverse applications that one can install to show their locations whenever any bad event occurs.

    Smartphones are perfect for entertainment purposes

    All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. It is an undeniable fact that entertainment is an important factor in the lives of anybody, and students are not an exception. Smartphones, therefore, offer a great platform to access games, movies, and music. With a smartphone, you do not need a Gameboy for games, or an iPod for music.

    Smartphones are students’ best friends

    As you can see, it suffices that smartphones have many uses in the life of any learner. However, when not used in the appropriate manner, they can really be a distraction to the core business of being in school. Thus, it is advisable for learners to ensure that they do not overuse their smartphones to an extent they become nothing but a trouble.


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