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    How To Delete Facebook Account-The Ultimate Guide

    We all love to surf on Facebook account, as its is the first social media platform which came into existence. Let’s first talk about how you can get your account offline and consequences of each method.

    How to get your Facebook account offline?

    If you want to get your Facebook account offline, there are two ways to do it-

    1- Deactivate Facebook account

    2- Delete Facebook account permanently.

    What is meant by Deactivating Facebook account?

    If a user choose to deactivate his Facebook account, Facebook will temporarily off his account. On deactivation your Facebook account gets offline temporarily until you reactivate Facebook account again.

    Delete Facebook Account

    What happens when you deactivate your Facebook account?

    On deactivating your Facebook account-

    1- Your messages will be visible.

    2- Facebook will keep your information like friends, interest etc so that it can be restored when you reactivate Facebook account.

    3- People will not be able to search your profile on Facebook.

    4- You can reactivate your Facebook account anytime.

    What happens when you Delete your Facebook account permanently?

    On deleting your Facebook account permanently-

    Delete Facebook Account

    1- Facebook would keep your account on hold for some days. This is called grace period. If you access your account during this grace period, your account deletion request will get cancelled.

    2- Once your account gets deleted permanently, you would not be able to access your account again.

    3- Facebook keeps your data upto 90 days of its deletion in its backups. Although, your account would not be searchable on Facebook. Your information would also not be able to access.

    4- Facebook may keep some of your information in it’s records, ex log records. But the company has claimed that these records will be disassociated with person identifiers.

    5- Other information that is not saved in your account like the messages you have sent would still be visible to the recipients.

    How to Deactivate Facebook account?

    To deactivate your Facebook account you should follow the below mentioned steps-

    1- Open Facebook in your browser and log in to your account.

    2- Click the account option to get the drop down menu. click settings option from this drop down menu.

    3- In settings you will get general tab in left panel. Click it.

    4- in general tab, click manage account and then click deactivate option.

    5- It will open a page asking you the reason of deactivation of Facebook account. Choose any of the given reasons or you can fill your reason in the text box given. And click deactivate.

    4- A pop up will appear for confirming the deactivation. Click deactivate now. This will deactivate your account temporarily.

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