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    How To Create a WhatsApp Business Profile

    We all know Whatsapp as a Messaging app, after Facebook this is the 2nd most used Messaging app across the Globe. We have Business profiles on Facebook so, the CEO of Facebook decided to move its way and launch business profile accounts also for Whatsapp.

    The company now has different thoughts of using Whatsapp not only as a messenger but also as business accounts for those who want to advertise or promote their businesses over Whatsapp. Well, everything now is in the testing mode and we hope it will be arriving soon But what Exactly is this Whatsapp Business Profile?

    What is WhatsApp Business Account?

    Let’s think that you own a company of many employees and you want to communicate with your employees through WhatsApp, then it will become easier for you to communicate with your Official Business Account. This application will be available for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone users.

    The big advantage of this new WhatsApp business account is that you will have Both of your account installed in your same place. You will have your normal WhatsApp account for chatting with your friends and family, additionally, you will have another account which is the business account, where you can chat with your employees or customers alternatively.

    The main Moto of Whatsapp with this features is to business as it will provide businesses with a database of 1.2 billion users.

    How to create a WhatsApp Business profile:

    If you’ve got a corporation and you’re interested in the new application of the biggest instant messaging service once the app is available you’ve got to create a WhatsApp Business profile and accept the new WhatsApp Terms of Service and therefore the Privacy Policy in order to use this app.

    There are two different types of business account one is Verified business account and another one is non-verified business accounts. In verified business accounts your name is verified directly by WhatsApp. When it is a verified business, you will see a green badge next to its name and the verification symbol. On a non-verified business account, You can use all business functions, but the name is not verified by WhatsApp.

    Business profilers have to obey the Whatsapp’s business privacy policy or else they can be banned. Additionally, Whatsapp stated that business profilers should upload their each and every detail to get a verified account.

    According to Recode, WhatsApp Business will begin to be work soon in emerging markets like Brazil and India – in this country, they experiment with a payment platform similar to WeChat and Line and also our own Indian Hike messenger with its payment system launched a few weeks back.

    This is all about the WhatsApp business account. Stay tuned to our website for more updates about WhatsApp business account.

    Do share your thoughts in the comment section below and Thanks for reading our article and we hope that you guys have a great day.


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