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    How To Create a QR code to share your Wifi Network Password in iOS 11

    You can make a QR code that will show your Wifi network watchword after checking with a choice to copy it. This enables your friends to glue the secret key into their wifi settings screen when they are interfacing with your system without dictating your watchword. It is really helpful and can be done without any dissatisfaction. So it is very easy for you to not dictate that weirdly un-missword passwords everyone someone asks you!

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    With this workaround, you can impart WiFi password to QR code and your companions can join your Wi-Fi credentials by checking QR Code with iPhone Camera.

    To begin, go to any QR code site to produce QR Code for WiFi qualifications. For screenshot, we utilized the QR Code Generator (elective QR Code generator: QiFi) and select lock symbol to create QR code for WiFi.

    Pick the encryption that you arranged with your router, and enter the SSID/Network Name you need to impart to your companions. Give your remote system secret word in the watchword field and check the option if your system you kept covered up.

    This is sufficient to create the QR code for WiFi credentials. Presently you can download this code and take print out to share WiFi watchword.

    Presently when your visitors begin to examine this WiFi QR code with their camera, the iPhone will convey a header message to participate in the system. If you don’t mind tap on this message to get the affirmation fly up to join the network.

    When you affirm to join the system, the IOS will naturally include new WiFi SSID into iPhone Wi-Fi setting. iPhone will naturally change to this new WiFi settings, and you can affirm this on iPhone Settings Wi-Fi option.

    In the event that you made a blunder in the WiFi secret word or SSID name, you may get a mistake message like above on the iPhone screen when iPhone endeavor to participate in the network.

    And viola! No more dictating your password to your friends. You can even post the QR Code on a small photo frame in your living room to avoid having to share it.

    Image Source: mashtips.com

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