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    Create Completely Free WordPress Website | Free Domain Free Hosting

    Hey Whats happening Guys, my name is Kashif and in this Post, I’m going to show you
    how can you make free Website with out buying a domain and hosting. Basically What I am gonna show you is how to get a free domain and free hosting.

    Right now you are seeing a free website which is kashifali.in which I made from this. Wait I’m not talking about Wix or Weebly Services they don’t provide you Domain They provide you Sub Domain. like if I want to make a website name tech fire then I will get like techfire.wix.com. Also, they don’t provide Hosting like Go Daddy Does or Bluehost.

    By this trick which I will show you, You Will get Cpanel which runs on Linux Hosting.
    By this, you will have access to WordPress which is most popular for the website.
    We will make a free WordPress website. So Let’s Begin

    Create Completely Free WordPress Website

    In Order to make a Free WordPress Website, we will need a domain and a Hosting.
    So for that open freenom.com Website, by the way, freenom will give you free hosting

    Check availability for Domain name for testing I am Choosing samreenali
    After selecting your domain name which is available
    Select one of them I have chosen .ga which is samreenali.ga

    Click on “Get Now” Option and click on “checkout” select Period of time for your domain I have chosen 1 Year which is absolutely free.

    Open a new tab and type “infinityfree.net” and sign up for a free account and confirm your email id by clicking the link which they will send you.

    Again go to infinity free.com and sign in with your new account

    and click on CREATE account, type your domain name here in my case I will type samreenali.ga

    Copy the nameserver. Copy it and you have to paste it into freenom.com click on “Use DNS” and click “USE YOUR OWN DNS”.

    Paste your name server which you copied earlier in both sections. and in the second one, you just have to rename 1 to 2. Click on “Continue button” and you will redirect to review and checkout page simply login with your Google ID or you can sign in with any other social account

    Enter all the Details, don’t worry this information will remain secure and not given to any one. Check this terms and condition and click on “Complete Order”.

    Head over to services tab which is on the top right-hand side. Click on “My Domains”
    from here click on “Manage domain” Point your curser to “Mangement tools” and click on “Nameservers” Copy first name server and paste that in all three section which is empty and renames 3,4,5 by removing of 1 click on “Change Nameservers”.

    Now click on infinity-free website tab click on search button and complete captcha
    click on CREATE ACCOUNT. It will create a full hosting account which will give us access to Cpanel, wait for 1-2 minutes and refresh this page. After refresh click on MANAGE. Click on “Control Panel” and you are in Cpanel.

    Search for soft-aculeus which is an application to install WordPress. Click on it and it will open this page Click on WordPress Install button.

    Now on this page, you have to remove this wp, name your website. Create an account set username and password and click on Install button.

    Open a new tab and type your full website name and add /wp-admin to login in WordPress.
    for example www.samreenali.ga/wp-admin from here we just have to put our username and password.

    Free Website with out buying a domain and hosting

    Now as you can see we have successfully created a website which is fully free and Most importantly this website is WordPress website.


    Md Kashif Ali
    Md Kashif Ali
    Hey Guys Its Kashif, Founder of Tech Fire. I spend most of my free time creating content for my YouTube channel and this website. I started my YouTube channel at age 15 and my goal was to teach people what they can do with their gadgets.


    1. Ali Bhai, I tried to create new domain and hosting. Domain was successful in Freenom but I’m unable to host in InfinityFree, it as saying that “Your domain is not pointing to ns1.epizy.com and ns2.epizy.com…” even though I checked the nameservers as it asking, still I’m getting the same error, I’m trying from past 3 days. Please help me

    2. hi ,
      i saw your youtube video … nd came here …….

      everything is perfect till wordpress installing to my website …. after that i click on the link on the successfully installed page …… but its showing … the site cant be reached ………

      any solutions????

      i did same as you did …..

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      Jane D.


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