How to pass a Picture to PDF with iPhone or iPad


Having some flexibility in the types of documents we use on our mobile devices is something more than necessary today, since the compatibilities and extensions used in operating systems around the world change every day.

If by some chance you want to convert an image to PDF format, either to print it later or for any reason, here we leave you a complete article in which we will explain how to do it.

How to convert a Picture to PDF

If you want to start converting all your images to a PDF format (ideal for printing), you just have to follow these small instructions.

  1. Go to the Photos application and look for the image you want to convert.
  2. Once you’re in it, click on the share button.
  3. Slide the bottom row to the left, until you get the ” Print ” option.
  4. When you are on this new screen, make a pinch gesture on the picture below.

  1. Here, click on the share button again .
  2. Finally, choose where you want to send your PDF file . You can click on “Copy to iBooks” to see it as many times as you want on your iPhone or iPad.

This option is perhaps not too well known, but it exists. Without a doubt, there is still much to explore in the vast world of iOS, which is more complete with each passing day, and we still have many options and features to discover.